Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi Episode 1: [First Impression]


A young editor called Ritsu starts working at his new job. He used to be a literature editor, but will now be working with shojo manga instead. This might be a difficult task for this man who was never successful with love and romance.


Hey, this was actually way better than I expected it to be. I don’t have much experience with romance show, even less with Yaoi romance. But I didn’t have any problem watching that, maybe it is because anime males are so androgynous. I mean one of the guy in the show or a trap, there is not a big difference to me.

That's one way to greet your new employees

Now beyond my personal sexual preference, This show is actually pretty good. The romance story and character development waiting to happen here has a great potential. A young broken man with no self-esteem, what better subject to bring us an interesting evolving story !

Now Takano seemed to have remembered near the end where he meets with that young rookie before, one-sided knowledge is always interesting, especially when the one with the knowledge is as intelligent and cunning as Takano seems to be. Emotions and feelings are somethings that can easily be toyed with if you are cunning enough. This could become interesting in so many ways.

This is the first time we saw that guy have any kind of expression, hell he was less expressive when he kissed the guy

Now if we take a closer look at Ritsu back story, he was a young shy kid, reading books and never really socializing much, he stalked a guy for over 3 years before finally talking to him…by accident. What really happened between the two when Ritsu told him he loved him all of a sudden? I can only guess at a depressive and humiliating rejection.

No matter what really happened, It must have been important for Ritsu, enough to completely scare him of social interaction with people he could be potentially interested in.

The guy has low self-esteem, he is in need of a way to prove himself, to prove his worth to the world, he needs someone to tell him: You did an amazing job there Ritsu !

But this might not happen just yet, while the guy is working like a mad man, he read over a 100 manga in one night ! (ok I might have read more IRL in a single night at times, but that is not what we are discussing here). Still the guy is insanely hard-working, I like hard-working people. They remind me of me when I am not lazy. But even if he works so hard, Takano doesn’t look like the kind of boss who is easily impressed, Ritsu might need more than just hard work to get some sweet words out of Takano.

Also what a lovely office…

that scenery would drive me crazy in just about 3 days


This show has potential, I really like the characters and I like where stuff are going. It is an overall nice mix of humour and love story. While I will be watching this show to the end, Moe might be the one covering this instead of me. If she can’t, I’ll gladly cover this one instead!

ZeroG signing off

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