Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi episode 4: No rape !?


Ritsu has to prove his worth for the first time when Takano let him try the impossible. Ritsu is convinced he can do it, but he knows that if he was to fail, he would bring Takano in his fall.


Maybe I’m simply not fit for romance anime, but the constant pattern of every episode is starting to feel a bit doll. First we have a little continuation of last week episode, then you have a HUGE LAST MINUTE TROUBLE ! at the job that always finally gets resolved at the very last second, and with what is left of the episode we progress a little in the romance story between Ritsu and Takano.

Atleast he fell asleep next to the guy he "loves" not next to a fat smelly dude

I like structure in general, but too much structure make things look like a pattern, which makes things more predictable. I like surprise, I like twists, a constant formula for each episode is not something that helps create such surprise or twists. individually, every segment of the episode is quite interesting, but the whole is more boring than the sum of its parts. I feel the show needs to mix things up soon, show us the same good story and character development, but change the way they are presented.

that was a funny outcome

In term of art, characters, animation, story, everything is fine really. This show sure won’t be an international success making millions, but it is a decent story that kills time and can be fun to follow. Now if only things could get less repetitive.

Now for the good part of episode 4, It was really fun to see Ritsu finally imposing himself and actually doing something proving its worth. It shows a change in his confidence, after all the reason why he left his job at his father company was to prove its worth. Now he could finally do it, he could show everyone he could be counted on and he could make the impossible possible. Now only thing left for him to do is solve his love problems. But that is something he might need more time and effort to fix, since he is so screwed up right now and Takano is screwed up himself, making this not the easiest path to fix their problem, but the harder the path the better the results. We shall wait and see.

It is always awkward when you wake up nearly naked in the bed of your boss

Now I was a bit surprised with this week episode, since Takano did not rape Ritsu, I feel like they had to cut the scene for some reason, because there is no way that it was not planned, I mean Takano raping Ritsu is the staple of the show. Unless you count the beginning of the show where they showed the end of last episode again, then in that case yes rapping would have occurred, but this is not new content, only a reminder of what happened last episode, so I guess it doesn’t count.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Ritsu finally takes its spot in the team


Now the show could go two ways, stay the same as is, and get more boring over time, or change his formula and get better over time, we shall see what route it takes.

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