Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 61: The Race Against Time!

Yusei and Mikage were finally rescued by Ushio where as Yusei rushes to the duel and spots Divine hidden in a building on the other side of the field. He makes an epic entrance by crashing through the door with a summersault and confronts Divine! As the duel between the two ladies continue, Yusei manages to successfully have Divine spit out the truth and have both duelist hear his confession. Misty as result redirects her anger and desire for revenge towards Divine and has her cute Earthbound God gobble him up! 😀 Now satisfied that she got her revenge, Misty decides to surrender, but is forcefully possessed by the darkness. Yusei helps Aki by snapping her out of her absent state (since she was like a puppet with no one to help her more around as soon as Divine was eaten) and she successfully finishes off the duel for Misty’s sake.

This was a good way to wrap up the duel, it was fun to see Yusei using his skills and reflexes that he used back in his rebellious days (Team Satisfaction). Also if you were paying attention, there was a sound of a ‘beep’ indicating the second when Yusei turned on the Dueldisk Network. Conveniently, having Divine spit out the truth because he figured it out and in the end, Divine gets eaten by the Earthbound God, NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM! 8D And that alone was awesome. What goes around comes around~… I should make a gif of that. Also seeing how Ushio reacted, (his ear twitching) to Mikage’s last and desperate call for Jack fired up him and helped him direct the energy of rage towards the cover, snapping it open was absolutely hilarious. I got a good laugh out of that scene alone.
The one other scene that amused me so much (that I was grinning like an idiot) was how Yusei acted so proud of himself when he was like, “Nah nah nah nah, they heard every word you said!”
Aki’s hair (LOL WUT? I’m talking about hair?!), honestly they should have just left it wild rather than suddenly have it back in place. When you look back at the other  incidents when she lost control of her powers or going all out, her hair remained wild at the end of the duel. So seeing this one not wild was rather strange. I suppose it was better that Yusei indirectly took Divine down by revealing the truth while Aki was in a state where she wasn’t really conscious of what was going on. So when he finally snapped her out of it by calling out to her, Aki solely focused on the duel and completely forgotten about Divine. Actually speaking of which, I wonder if being brainwashed had influenced her memories of seeing him or not. Like at the end of the duel, her priority and focus was grieving for Misty. Not one second was spared to think or remember Divine.
Finally, the battle between Aki and Misty got my teary. There was so much emotions involved, but not as much Yusei’s duel against Rudger and Jack’s duel against Carly. Gosh, every battle – all except for Rua’s and Ruka’s were tearjerkers.
Hm mention preview spoiler or not… Nah, you folks will have to wait till Tuesday! 😀 *SHOT*


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