DON'T GIVE UP! You...Can... Do this... Hopefully...

Episode 15 starts off with Victorique, as she looks at Leviathan’s book once more and we witness a flashback of Leviathan’s story according to what it says.
We are then back to Kujo and his confrontation against Brian Roscoe, where Brian mentions that Gray Wolves don’t have friends and that people who are close to them only use them for their own purposes. After more small talk, Kujo gets mad, pulls out his manly statements, and attacks Brian, who dodges everything and beats him easily come on, Kujo, you can do better than that!. Kujo still remains manly, which makes Brian POOF out not even joking, leaving Kujo with an warning that the “Marquis de Blois is a mercurial man”.
That's right, Kujo! BE MANLY!

Going back out, Kujo finds Victorique Or should I say she finds him, and with Avril and Weirddudewithweirdhair they go in the tower and Victorique solves the whole mystery of Leviathan we also get Kujo to sing and Victorique to kick him as a bonus! 🙂.
We also get another flashback where we see that one of the people involved in the case was Albert de Blois, who is the current Marquis de Blois. Since his plan with Leviathan didn’t work, he now wants to try himself out with a Gray Wolf, who is Victorique, and some foreshadowing about “the second storm” is shown. Kujo then states that he’ll always find her no matter what, and the episode ends.
This mystery was absolutely great.
I loved how it turned out in the end, and I also liked how it wasn’t necessarily “how it happened” that was the most awaited thing, but rather “how does it relate to Victorique now”. On that point, they filled us in on another huge plot hole, and we now know that something big will happen soon enough, involving not only Brian Roscoe which we thought he was the only bad guy, but also the Marquis de Blois, who is most definitely that old, evil looking guy we see in the opening sequence.I still don’t know how all this will also relate to Cordellia, and there is still a lot of plot that I don’t completely understand and I want explanations. Basically, the main plot of this show is amazing, despite the first few predictable mysteries.
This week, I loved the amount of plot put into the episode, however I also liked the fact that it was incorporated very well with a bunch of funny moments. Victorique’s kicks on Kujo, her desperation at trying to reach Leviathan’s mask and Kujo’s sad face made my day, it was hilarious. I really liked this week’s episode.