Highschool of the Dead OVA: Drugs are bad m’kay


The group end up on a deserted island far from any civilization or zombies. The Island has water and a wonderful Beach. But something odd is going on on the island.


I love fanservice of this kind of show. Maybe because I’m a fan and love services? who knows? But Highschool of the Dead is already so close to be porn that a fanservice of  this show is some kind of soft hentai. The only thing that make Highschool of the Dead an anime and not a hentai is the story, and some people might argue about the existance of such a story.

Now I don’t have much to discuss about this episode, its only purpose was to show us fanservice, there was no story, no purpose, other than showing us some nude and sexually appealing images. So let’s just focus on those images.

First lets start with the sexiest of all:

isn’t sexy? Now for more nerdier sexyness !

What do you mean you don’t like those pictures? they are super awesome ! ok ok I guess I’ll try to satisfy the curiosity of 90% of the internet. ( fun fact, there are no girl on the internet, therefore 100% of the internet are guys, BUT 10% of the guys are gay.)



Things I liked about this episode:

  • Boobs




Enjoy your porn you dirty bastard !

I’m looking forward to season 2 of this show

ZeroG signing off

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