Sket Dance Ep 2: Modern Day Samurai & The Bomb and Monkey

Two Stories in One Episode…

First Half: Modern Day Samurai
Sket Dance recieves a request from student in the Kendo club, Takemitsu Shinzou who wants to regain his concentration and figure out why he can’t seem to win anymore. The team tries several tactics only to realize that the fault for his poor performances was because he was relying on dope Friske to give him an energy burst. However what Shinzou didn’t know that the Friske’s effect only lasts for a short bit before he has to take more to keep his energy consistent. When Shinzou is about to go into his final match, he completely loses his energy and looked like he was stoned. Yusuke takes drastic actions and obtains a Friske (which they fail to realize was a different type than what Friske usually takes) and slingshots it into his mouth – of course the next thing you know: ZOMG BEHOLD MA POWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! and just owns his opponent. Seconds later he collapsed, completely stoned again. My god that candy is DANGEROUS.
Second Half: The Bomb and the Monkey

The next request demand Sket Dance receives is from a girl who has a pet monkey and entrusts it into their care. Hime agrees to take care of the monkey only seconds later she wants to kill it after it groped her chest. Thanks to that they started creating a ruckus where one of the teachers who hates their guts barges in and gives them a lecture, blah blah blah blah blah. After he leaves, their advisor shows up (who’s a science teacher) telling them to defuse his bomb he made. They instantly decline but then he threatens to not be their advisor anymore. Before they can make up their minds the monkey who they were taking care of takes the bomb, put it in its backpack and creates a wild goose chase around the school.

Okay to unlike last week, this episode we got two stories. The first story was about a Kendo participant who was super overdramatic, spoke like all formally and stuff which made him look like an idiot to traveled through time or something. Of course he throws everyone off by the fact he still uses a cellphone and is addicted to dope some stuff called, ‘Friske’. Also it felt like there was a theme  going about disgusting candy of some sort. Hime apparently likes lollipop flavored LIVER. EWWWW!!! O⌓O;;;; I can’t stand liver! DX
One thing they abused this episode was comics relief graphics and tags. Speech balloons and Texts were heavily used and happened throughout the entire episode. The one thing I found was rather annoying – I’d like to know whether I was the only one who thought about this, was that during the first half in particular, the sound effects and the OST track were overpowering the character’s voices- and it was driving me nuts.
The second half was hilarious. While yes They continued to overuse the comedic effects from the first half  and abused censoring effects, and here I was dying from laughter about the whole bomb situation and the fact a teacher was the one making it because he was bored, and then he was asking Sket Dance to get rid of it for him or whatever it was. XD To top things off, I almost fell of my chair when the idiotic teacher that was giving them shit earlier did his pathetic throw and blew up the athletic shed!!!!!


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