The episode continues from when Ruka and Trunka have disguised themselves to try and get Ancient Fairy out, however fail when Trunka accidently blows their cover. With the Demonic Monkey King defeated thanks to Rua, Trunka regains his true from, however the spirits have yet to be freed from being sealed in the tablets. Suddenly when things couldn’t get worse, those captured duel monsters are treated as sacrifices in order to summon Earthbound God Cusillu. Ruka returns to the human world with Regulus thanks to Trunka’s power to take over Rua’s duel and successfully frees Anicent Fairy Dragon from Demak thanks to the permanent trap, Respect Synchron.

That was super cute. Rua continued to play very smart episode, and didn’t let his pride of his combo interfere with his decision for sacrificing Powertool Dragon’s attack i exchange for regaining his lifepoint back to full health to survive Cusillu’s attack.
Then Rua and Ruka working together despite using only Rua’s deck since he was the one who started the battle. Anyhow it’s awesome to see a Dragon (YOU GO MAN POWERTOOL DRAGON!!!!111) that doesn’t belong to a signer (but then again what matters is a signer using a dragon – so technically it doesn’t matter as long the person is a signer LOL, did that make sense? *SHOT*) pwn a Earthbound God. You and I both know it’s awesome. Anyways Ruka really knows her way around the game and managed to gain back her life points very quickly by getting rid of the field magic. Anyhow it looks like this battle will finally conclude in the next episode. Hopefully that will be the case, I wouldn’t want to see this drag on to much longer. I’m far more interested in seeing Yusei’s duel against Kiryu to understand what caused Kiryu to hate Yusei to the point he wants to kill him slowly and painfully, as well as Jack’s and Carly’s and especially Aki VS Misty. Oh what the heck I’m looking forward to everyone’s duel because something epic ought to happen!!!


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