Yu Gi Oh 5Ds Ep 52: Emotions Flying Everywhere

Crow manages to keep up with the battle. Yusei shows up begging both Crow and Bomber to stop dueling. Crow refuses exclaiming he must get revenge for the children that was lost. His past revealed that his parents too, were killed in the accident of seventeen years ago. He struggled to survive and was lonely. One day he found a duel monster, which opened his future despite having no money or education. He was able to make friends and learn how to read. During the battle, Crow catches Bomber with his guard down and destroys his Air Raider. Bomber is now enraged and humiliated that he is losing against someone who isn’t a signer.

In this episode, right off the bat emotions were flying all over the place. Everyone is upset, yelling, facing despair – it’s heartbreaking really, I mean Crow even starting shedding manly tears.
What I found what made the episode truly special was explaining to the audience how and why Duel Monsters are play such an important role. As Crow said, he lost his parents from Zero Reverse (the tragedy that happened seventeen years ago) therefore he never had the chance to receive any education and always struggled to survive. But one day after finding a couple of duel monsters, they changed his life for the better. In order to understand how the game worked, he needed to learn how to read, calculate and strategize. Fortunately he was taught by some other kids who knew how the game worked. In short, duel monsters plays a big role of bringing people together.
Another thing that was also interesting to watch was that it shows how handy it is to have a batmobile custom made D-Wheel.
Last thing I wanted to mention before I finish, it seems that Yusei and Crow are the only ones who never had different outfits when they were kids. XD Oh and speaking of kids, the three of them look absolutely ADORABLE, especially Crow when he got all teary!
I’m sorry this will be it from me today. I’m feeling under the weather and I’m just about ready to go back to bed. =_____=;


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