Nichijou Episode 1: O_O My brain just got numb… I don't get it…

I was so glad when I saw the first few minutes of this episode. Oh my, this show makes sense! It actually has an opening sequence, it seems like it has a plot and good humour! YAY!

It's still the same, plain title, though...

ignores the first scene on purpose because it was as retarded as episode 0 Sooo, the episode starts off at the main protagonist’s house, where she is making breakfast seriously, who would want fish for breakfast, anyway? when suddenly a cat comes by and takes it away Oh. a cat would. The protagonist decides to run after him, and as she’s running she runs into a guy walking by and POOF!!!!! THE WORLD EXPLODES!!!!!!!!
You know, I really wasn't kidding when I said that. That's ACTUALLY what happens.

After we witness the opening for which I can only say “shabadabadii” (just like the song :D) and HOLY CRAP THAT’S A LOT OF CHARACTERS!, we get to see how people around coped with the sudden explosion. Stupidgirl and Bluehair from last episode are walking when suddenly WHACKthey get hit by flying things wtf. They don’t happen to see the humongous blue explosion from before, nahh, they just hear a small boom, get hit by flying wooden things and keep walking. Of course, because that’s definitely the way to act in that situation… facepalm.
To continue in this realm of “how to react completely wrong in the most unexpected situations”, after a small scene in the classroom, we are back to our main protagonist who is now on top of a roof because she was blown away by the explosions. What does she tell herself? Not “WTF AM I DOING HERE!”, not “WHY DID THE WORLD EXPLODE?!”, not “WHY IS THE WORLD STILL IN ONE PIECE

AFTER IT EXPLODED?!”. “I have to get home”. Because that’s obviously the first thing that would come to mind when you wake up on top of a roof -_-‘.
We then learn that the girl is, in fact, a robot and that explains why she doesn’t freak out about things like why the fuck did the world just explode.
The second part involves an intense chase to prevent a wiener from falling on the floor it’s VERY extreme, and after this disturbing scene we then witness the more disturbing “beginning of the school year” meeting. We meet some new characters, notably a guy who goes to school on a goat and whom Bluehair really likes and the head of the student council, Sakurai, a shy little girl who beats everyone in terms of adorableness.
A couple more useless but funny scenes are shown, and in the end we learn that the robot was created by the Professor, a very young girl, and that the gigantic crank the poor robot has is for her toes to transform into rockets WTF.
Wow… This show doesn’t make any sense, seriously. Everything is absolutely retarded. But… SOOOO FUNNY!!!! 😀
Such a cute professor... ^.^

This anime is really carefree. Its content is light, adorable, hilarious, and there’s barely any plot to keep this going, but it’s absolutely hilarious and so far I love it! Moreover, it’s completely senseless and unrealistic, making the show really unpredictable because anything is possible. I mean, a 9-year old scientific, some guy coming to school with a goat, there are many things in there that just prove my point: This show is totally AWESOME minus the fact that sometimes my brain goes numb because I don’t get what’s happening… But that’s details.

Moreover, it’s really adorable and the characters are easy to love. I love Sakurai already, and as for the others, they all have absolutely adorable voices, looks and facial expressions that just make me love this despite the really weird art. I hardly doubt there will be much character development though, because according to the opening and what I’ve seen of this episode, there are A LOT of characters and it’s going to be nearly impossible to describe them all properly. They seem to have each their own little personality trait to them though, and I do believe the producers will manage to make the little story we have progress fairly well. I also hope that the professor and the robot will eventually meet with the 3 school girls, because these guys seem to be the main characters and for them to be completely unrelated would be even more retarded than what this show has promised so far.
To be honest, I’m really glad this show isn’t like the preview showed us, it seems to be much better and a lot funnier than what we saw before. Look forward to my next post, as we continue in the world of complete nonsense!

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