Sket Dance Ep 1: Are you SURE this isn't a Drama Club? [First Impression]

Sugihara Teppei is a transfer student who is immediately targeted by a club known as SKET Dance that only have three members, (Fujisaki Yusuke, Onizuka Hime, and Fujisaki Yusuke) where they try to encourage him to join their club. Sugihara however has no interest in joining despite liking idea of the club’s motives. However after school turns up to the club room drenched in red paint that looked like blood. Sket Dance decides to investigate and find who’s the culprit is after considering this not a target, but a random victim since Sugihara had only just transfered there. Yusuke comes up with a plan to catch the culprit.

Eva’s First Impression:
Sket Dance is a club of three unique people who wishes to help people out. What I love about this show already is that characters are funny, unique – not exactly ‘original’ but their are still likable.
Onizuka Hime, a yankee who can be extremely dangerous when she gets pissed off. She tries to keep up her ‘sweet beauty’ profile, but having no control over her yankee side, it’s not going well.
Usui Kazuyoshi, does not talk, instead he uses Microsoft Voice or whatever (LOL I love messing with those things) or whatever it may be on his laptop which he carries everywhere.  And people say I’m obsessed with my laptop ¬¬; He also apparently is very high strung when it comes to text-messaging or online conversations that you wouldn’t expect from his character at all.

Fujisaki Yusuke, club leader and founder of Sket Dance. He is always looking out for people and has an amazing amount of concentration when he puts on his goggles. Also I wanted to mention though, his hair is black – unless you see that really not-so-obvious dark brown tint, which is very different from how it looked like on the promo poster.
The one thing however that bothered me and raises my concern for the future episode is the flow of the pace. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but I found that the episode felt rushed. I have considered it may have to do with the character’s insane energetic enthusiasm and they way they are always on their feet doing something overly dramatic.
At first glance, Sket Dance’s behavior tends to misinterpret what their club stands for by pulling acts and trying to create improvs to make, for example: a transfer student to feel special, so that they can encourage them to join their club. So because of this I always laugh to myself going, “Are you sure this isn’t a Drama Club?”.
Last but not least, the OP in the ED is just glorious! <3 I love watching it, so much creativity involved! I absolutely love the texts and everything, the flow – oh and of course the song!!!!
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