Today is the last day of Anime North and I woke up early so that I could get there early to get into the Dealer Room and find some good manga deals. I bought in total of seven manga volumes, four Faiy Tail, one Dengaki Daisy, one Kamisama Kiss, and two Pandora Hearts (which by the way was VERY hard to find since it was sold out everywhere! D:>)… and that’s it. I didn’t buy anything else. Great now I’m going to have to somehow make these volumes fit into my full bookshelf… I look around, went in circles and then I figured that yes, I was satisfied with what I got. With my shopping done (and a terribly heavy backpack) I go around hunting down for some group photoshoots and more cosplayers. Being the last day, also the day when you NEED to go to the deal room to catch the good discount deals, people who have been cosplaying for the last two days usually retire for this day. Anyways so I ran into three or five groups, and spammed taking pictures of only Durarara and Panty and Stocking. I took pictures here and there for Naruto, some video game one that I forget its name, Hetailia (however for that one I was stuck in the back of the crowd so the pictures aren’t meeting my standards).
But I got say, it was scorching hot out. Now it’s cloudy and looks like it’s going to rain, but man it was sunny and hot this morning till around 1pm, excellent lighting for photoshoots.
Overall, as this being my third year attending Anime North, I found it okay. Not particularly the very best, I think the biggest problem was the poor weather which as I have said a million times, probably had an effect on bringing out those epic cosplays. Perhaps now since we have seen several of epic new series this year, there will be more awesome ones for next year. While I say next year, I’m not entirely sure whether I’ll be going or not. most certainly I’d like to be able to get some exclusives and do some reports and maybe snag some interviews if possible, but the one thing I learned from my past experience is that, it’s not something I should go to every single year. Maybe skip a year before I go again, otherwise attend another convention that would bring a fresh start and something ‘new’.
Here’s the pics! I’m so sorry about the little black mark during the group photoshoots. I didn’t realize there was dust on my lens, I’ll try editing it out on photoshop.
EDIT: Pictures are all rotated to see them properly! EDIT2: I have to do it all over again =_=; ENJOY! Remember if you want to share them on the web, please credit me and link back to this page or the blog. ^_^


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  1. Myst

    The Naruto kids were ADORABLE!!! I also really liked the cosplay of the servant in Kuroshitsuji (just slightly forgot his name… *whistles*)

    1. Eva

      The naruto kids had everyone going, “THEY ARE SOOO CUTE! IT’S SO EPIC!” It was awesome.
      XD As for the servant, do you mean Tanaka. XD When I say him I was like, “OMFG I NEED A PICTURE OF THIS!” I wanted to get myself in the picture as well but I was heading out the. D:

  2. TimesTicking

    Lil Sakura is gonna supplex on lil Naruto!!! (Awesome lol)

    1. Eva

      IKR? I had to take a picture even though it wasn’t a pose! XD

  3. Jenny

    Thanks for the pictures! I was the short Shinra from the Durarara photoshoot on Sunday. I was looking for pictures and you seem to be the first person to have a decent amount from it. Thanks so much again!

    1. Eva

      Thank you! I’m happy to help out! 😀 If you plan to share them on the web please make sure you credit me and link back to this page or blog.

  4. KeVan

    Wow, one of those blond Panty Stock Girls (never watched the show, so don’t know the name of the characters) is a friggin’ beauty!
    It’s a shame that I didn’t go this year, but like you said before, it is best to take a year off rather than going consecutively. Not much different than the other years, huh? I remember last year had some stupid wrestling gag (it did show me how awfully fake wrestling is though, or maybe they’re bad ‘actors’).
    That said, nice pictures (d90 huh, did you take a photography course or is it all self taught).

    1. Eva

      XD You’re still close! The blonde character is Panty!
      Thank you! I did take a Photography course in CEGEP, but most of it is self-taught. I certainly took my teacher’s advice of spamming several shots of one picture and choose the best of the several shots and learned how to edit the lighting and stuff on photoshop.

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