AnoHana Episode 5: It's Complicated

Jintan heads down the hill to make sure Yukiatsu is alright. He quickly finds himself pinned to the ground where Yukiatsu breakdowns claiming that it was his fault that Menma died and he should be the one to see her. When he finally releases Jintan, Jintan tells him that Menma is there and she thanks him for the barrette.
The next day after having missed the train, Yukiatsu spots Anaru across the station with a shopping bag where as Tsuruko states it’s probably a change of clothes. With that said, Yukiatsu decides to follow her. In the mean time, Anaru isn’t having fun and is asked by one of the two guys that she and her so-called ‘friends’ were hanging out with that suggests that they ditch the group. Anaru soon finds herself being led to a hotel where the man tries to have her go inside. She is ‘saved’ by Yukiatsu who calmly appears at the scene acting as if he’s ahead of a group of friends. The two take a train back home where they talk when suddenly Yukiatsu asks if she’s a virgin and then asks if she wants to try going out with him. After she says that she can’t, he asks if it’s Jintan where as she grows more flustered. Anaru then states that she was surprised to hear Yukiatsu use Jintan’s name back when he was ‘saving’ her, and that when he said it, it looks like he was having fun. Yukiatsu then suddenly states that they’ve been left behind. YOU BASTARD DON’T CROSS THE LINE AGAIN OR ELSE YOU’LL LOSE THE POINTS YOU GAINED!!!
In the mean time, Poppo stops by at Jintan’s place to shared some mountain greens (tempura). He suddenly asks if Menma is there and if she wants to have some as well. Jintan questions him again if he seriously believes that Menma is there, Poppo says yes, but he is concerned about her since it doesn’t exactly mean it’s a good thing. He is worried that she can’t attain nirvana, and thinks maybe that’s why she’s there. Poppo tells her that he wants too wants to help her grant her wish and wants to help her attain nirvana. She continues to grow emotionally frustrated and finally breaks down exclaiming that she doesn’t know why she’s there nor what her wish may be and that she too wants to be able to talk with everyone again. Jintan finally tells Poppo to stop what he’s doing for her sake.

LOL Whoops, I made the summary super long! ^^;
Once again, this ended on a sad note. I was at the verge of tears from the start to finish and it’s overwhelming to see Menma have such a hard time because no one except for Jintan can see her. That alone breaks my heart. What frustrates me the most is that there are ways for her to communicate with them! As I have said in the previous entry, the fact she can touch and make them feel her contact, the fact she can eat, and now the fact that we see tears dropping on to the floor are all symbolic things that indirectly screams, “I’M HERE!“. I desperately want Jintan to use these examples as evidence!!!!!
Yukiatsu managed to gain some redemption points from me for the actions he took by following  Anaru and ‘saving’ her from a frightening situation. I’m glad we also got to get some more backstory about what happened on the day Menma died. Yukiatsu had boldly confessed to her and tried giving her a cute hair clip that he ended up throwing away after being ‘supposedly rejected’, which is now in Tsuruko’s possession. With that said, now we know that she (despite saying he’s rotten to the core) she may like Yukiatsu and that she too envied Menma in a way. So  this is rather an interesting situation we got here.
One more note about Yukiatsu though. When he was crying his eyes out, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t getting teary over that scene, but I didn’t feel entirely sorry for him. If I had to describe it, I would say it was more of a pitiful moment. I find it interesting how he thinks that it’s his fault that Menma died. Perhaps it was because he wasn’t able to stop her, or maybe he did witness her death since he did chase after her.
It made me really happy when Jintan spoke up against Poppo to tell him to stop it because he was upsetting Menma. While Poppo clearly just trying to believe and somehow interact with Menma, it’s heartbreaking for the one who can’t be seen by others. I felt really bad for Menma since she’s totally lost and she doesn’t even know why she’s still there and what wish she wants granted. Oh god, I can’t image what it’s going to be like during the finale, I’m going to have to prepare some extra boxes of tissues because I’m already getting emotional just thinking about it.


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