[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 5: The man who owns Japan


Yoga suffer his first loss in a deal and he is worried of the consequences it will have on his life. Meanwhile we are shown the power of Mikuni’s influence in the real world.


How to describe this episode? I found that not a lot of severe development occurred in this episode, but I still found it extremely entertaining. There were all those small pocket of information that were just really fun to learn and witness.

But before we go into serious things…


I love that Asset, I laughed for a bit when I saw that Trojan Horse. But I guess there is not much else to discuss about it than its hilarious nature.

Now back to serious business. Yoga suffered his first loss. It was a small lost, but it was nonetheless a loss and it was exciting for us to discover what the effects were.  Turn out he only failed a test, which is really not a big deal, especially when you win about 1 million every week or so.  What we learned from the driver that drives people in and out of the Midas District is that someone once had his house burn down after such a loss. But I can only figure that a house burning down is not so much trouble after all. Everyone got insurance, yes you have nowhere to live for a while and you lost all your stuff, but in the end it is nothing you won’t all recover in a month or so.

That really ain't much of a consequence, a test is not the end of the world

In this episode we got to see Yoga’s teacher again, and his bankruptcies had him lost his childs, lost his wife and there is no telling what else he will lose going forward. So it seems that the effect of a bankruptcies can happen some times after the initial effect. This means that maybe Yoga haven’t only failed an exam, maybe her aunt will have some complication in her surgery in the coming week. Then again it was only a minor loss, so the exam could have been the full consequences.

The other stuff we learned this episode, Mikuni uses the money of the Guild to pay for Japan debts. It is said that he is the only reason why Japan is able to stay where it is now financially, if he was to disappear, it is not  a company that would collapse, but a whole country, this is the power of Mikuni’s future. He has become such an important player in the district, that if he were to lose one day, it would be the doom of a whole nation. That is the power of Midas Money.

Last interesting bit of information we got. Yoga started giving his Asset food. The only other one we know of who does that is  Mikuni. What is the advantage of having a good relation with an asset? is there something good from feeding your asset? I’m not sure we’ll have an answer for that, or if it is simply a way to highlight the kindness of the characters.

She sure looks happy eating her ramen

Now for a little bit of rant, Why oh why must we have seen Jennifer Sato’s boss again. He is voiced by one of the worst voice actor I’ve heard in a while. The voice sounds like a textbook recording. It is unemotional, it has no flavor. The words are all well pronounced and accentuated, No one speak with such dullness in their voice.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Trojan Horse

  • We saw more consequence of the financial district on the real world


I think at some point along the series, Mikuni will get near bankruptcies or will go bankrupt, that would be the best way to make the whole show go into complete drama sadness and chaos. It would make things most interesting. Currently everything seems to be in order, you can see the storm is coming. How prepare is the world for this new Storm?

ZeroG signing off

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