Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi episode 6: A + B = C ?


Yoshino has to go to a party where he will meet his new editor and the people in charge of transforming his manga into a tv show. But Yoshino has some love triangle problem in mind.


Oh that guy is so oblivious to his surrounding it is extremely cute. He has this wield imagination, after all he is an artist, but he doesn’t seem to have any luck putting any clues together to get the big pictures of things. He goes around asking about his possible A/B/C character scenario, but the truth is so much simpler while being even more complicated.

I know my ABC too !

Character A loves character C, character B also loves character C. Characters A and B are jealous of each other. End of story. This is a regular harem scenario, everyone loves one guy, but the guy is too oblivious to realize it.

I kind of like Yoshino’s innocence, the same reason why I liked Ritsu. But contrary to Ritsu, Yoshino doesn’t have a twisted background and corrupted memories, he is just unexperienced with life. He is always so cute when Tori wants to kiss him. He looks shy and disgusted every time he thinks of kissing a guy, just like a 14 years old girl who tries to understand love.

The high point of this episode for me was when we saw Ritsu and Takano again, we saw them for just  a split second, but I just felt I liked their character/relationship trouble way more than the current set of characters. For just those 30 seconds I saw time I wanted the camera to keep following them around instead of staying with Yoshino. But I guess this would just not happen.

Yai the awesome Takano and the fucked up Ritsu are back !

but hey, we got a rape again this episode ! this is becoming a real tradition, Now I’m not wondering if a rape scene will happen in the episode, I’m only wondering when. It has become so predictable, I guess rape is the best way to convince someone they love you isn’t it? that is what that show will have taught me. BRB going to rape some young lady on the street.

Here is our weekly rape picture

Other than that, Next episode we should go back to the original set of character, back to Ritsu. After all now Yoshino will be working with them I think, so both story will intertwine, I’m really wondering how that will pay off.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • Rape scene just make me laugh now, they are so predictable



The preview for the next episode seemed clear, next episode we will be back to the entertaining root.

Fuck yeah, next week we are back to the couple I love, gogo Yaoi rape Takano X Ritsu.

ZeroG signing off

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