[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 6: Gray choices


Yoga is offered the chance to pass on a fight, confused about what decision to make he tries to gather the opinion of the people around him to know what to do of that offer.


This episode confirms my theory that this show is amazing. It has been so long since I watch an anime that teaches real values and not just fantastic ones.

The thing I enjoyed about this episode was the large gray line that Yoga had to walk. He had a choice to make, he had the option to skip a deal. We all know that Yoga is a pussy and doesn’t like to fight, so this option was to be taken really seriously by him. It was the chance of a lifetime. But he still had no clue what route to take. So he turned to see the opinions of 3 people around him. Sennoza, Mikuni and Jennifer. Each of them had a different opinion of the Financial district and how it should be run. But what was really interesting about that was that each opinion was just as valid as any other one. Now everyone will like a side more than the other, but it will be different for everyone, everyone has different values and morals. There is no opinion that is better than any other in this world, at least that’s my opinion.

But with those three different opinion in mind Yoga had to decided what he would choose has his truth. In whom does Yoga’s believes in? What values does he hold?

Sennoza sees the future. He is a man who thinks ahead and loves to dream. He wants dream to become reality and hope for the best future possible. He wants to get there with everyone happy and working hand in hand.

Jennifer fears change and wants the future to stay like the present, since the present is working, we should try to avoid any unforeseeable change, since uncontrolled changed are scary.

Mikuni wants to improve the present in order to bring a better future. He says himself that the future is simply a future present, the present is always happening and today’s present is yesterday’s future, so he believes we should not try to work for a distant future, because what we are doing right now is the future.

In the episode Yoga still can’t decide exactly what he wants, but he does figure out that he doesn’t share Sennoza’s view and he realize that while he doesn’t want to win, he doesn’t want to lose either. All he wants is to keep the people close to him happy. While this might not set in stone his “political” alliance, he is on his way to become a man, someone who knows who he is and what he is.

Now beside this interesting gray line, one thing we learned in this episode is that Jennifer is a slut and she loves her food.

Don't you know that other kids are starving in japan, so eat it, just eat it

That girl is constantly eating ! and she is eating so much too ! She spends all day in her car at doing nothing and eats 3 hamburger and a large fries and she is thin like that? I call bullshit! She must have some sort of dark secret regarding her size. Maybe some mystery that came from the Midas District, who knows?

My second point was that she is a slut. Ok she doesn’t look like she sleeps with everyone, but when your interrogation of someone consist of falling on them, your boobs on their face and see their reaction… well I would love to be interrogated !

Also I like free nudity, I don’t care that it is unneeded, I like it.

Let the panties hit the floor let the panties hit the...FLOOOORRR

Last thing I wanted to talk about was the wonderful scene where Msyu gets massacred by Sennoza’s Asset, Angel. It is most often when we are nearing the end of our battle that we learn the most about one self. When your final hope are fading is when you realize everything you hoped for in life. The magic bond that slowly formed between Yoga and Msyu, they started like stranger, but now Yoga is crying for his Asset, he really cares for her. Maybe next time they will hang out together, Yoga will explain to Msyu what a date is.

I love how she says "don't worry I'll heal up" when her arm is on the ground 10 meters from her

Things I liked about this episode:

  • The gray line

  • Yoga deep care for Msyu shown in the last fight


I hope this show never ends, ok maybe not never ends, but it is definitively the best show of this season in my opinion. While other show like Deadman Wonderland, Steins; Gate and Tiger and Bunny are really great, for me they are pale in comparison to the masterpiece that is [C].

ZeroG signing off

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