While on the train leading them back to Saubure, Victorique and Kujo are caught in the middle of a mysterious Masquerade.


First of a general announcement, Myst is away for the weekend and therefore I, ZeroG, was tasked to take care of this week Gosick review.

We are getting closer and closer to the end of this most beautiful adventure that is Gosick. This theatrical masterpiece. This anime is not supposed to be realistic, it is not supposed to be an anime where the viewers solves the mysteries. It is purely and simply a beautiful overexagerated supernatural romance. Up until now we were not shown any supernatural occurence, everything that occurred was logical and explainable, but I do believe that soon we will be witness to an event that Victorique herself won’t be able to explain. After all Victorique is a supernatural occurences, she posses the wellspring of wisdom.

Easiest shot ever, they should have tried it blinded and with their feet to make it more interesting

Now this episode was an interesting piece of Masquerade. We had 6 individual put together in a room and only 3 ended up alive at the end. What could we possibly ask for more than 3 people dying in a single episode! I know what, we could get Victorique to weird a maid costume !

that girl is so innocent I forget she is a girl sometimes

Yup, that most definitely made this episode awesome on its own.

The one thing I found a bit confusing and intriguing in this episode was the young orphan. I simply don’t understand the choice for such a character. She had some kind of character development going on, we had a very small glimpse at her background, her motivation and her real hope in life. But she is presumed to be dead in the end, finding some kind of salvation from the word of the grim reaper Kujo. Now would they really expand on a character so much just to have her die mere minutes later? this doesn’t make much sense, we didn’t get to learn enough about her to actually care if she dies or not, and now that she is dead, it ain’t like we care that much to figure it out either anymore. So this tells me one of two things. Either the production sucks and like to make pointless characters who gets a back story to die right after. Or the girl did not die and she will come back later on. (I really wish it is option number 2).

Must of been something you said, I'm just dying in your arms tonight

Now the ending of this episode (meaning from the time the orphan girls die until the end of the episode) looks just like the ending of a disney movie. Everything is picture perfect, the hero wins in the most noble way possible and everything is so perfect that the sun rises at the same time the shot is fired. Usually I would complain and say that this makes the story predictable and boring. But this is the essence of this show, it is what makes it so beautiful. I will never say the story for Gosick is the best in millennium. But from an artistic point of view, the show is a pure candy for the eye to see. It has an aura of beauty. It is a special way to highlight nobleness and innocence in a world in despair and going into utter chaos. Simply wonderful

Things I liked about this episode:

  • The whole masquerade was quite fun to see

  • The ending was so well done, if I still had emotion, I would have cried


The pace of each episode is increasing. This foreshadow the future storm incoming in Gosick. Mysteries will be unveiled, Friendship will be put to test and the world will crumble. This ought to be interesting. Next week Myst shall continue reviewing this amazing series that is Gosick.

ZeroG signing off