Hanasaku Iroha Ep 5: Another reason to get rid of Tarou~

 WHACK HIM! DO IT!  *Takes out baseball bat*

Minko is feeling down after seeing Tohru drive off with Yuina earlier that morning and finds herself kicked out of the kitchen after cutting herself and not focusing on task enough. Ohana had explained to Nako and Tomoe what had happened and a discussion starts only to turn into a ruckus after Tarou steps in and goes on how his resources claim that Tarou is now working over at their rival’s inn. Ohana later learns from Tomoe that Tohru is basically Minko’s savior and was the one who backed her up to allow her to work in the kitchen since she dreamed to be a chef while her parents were against it. So Ohana decides to help her out and tell Tohru to come back.

Detective my ass. Maybe he should go into a gossip career instead? He certainly did a good job creating a fuss. Also Tomoe should seriously know better not to jump to conclusions, but then again she’s like the other particular author – LOVESSS GOSSIP!
I mean, what if Tohru was asking or being given a day off? (I’m just stating the possibilities here…) Anyways when the grandmother joked about how it’ll be good for Tohru to have experience at their rival’s inn kitchen so that when they shutdown he will have some place to go… I’m actually considering that it’s not too far from the truth. Throughout this episode, a lot of people were talking how Kissuiso isn’t getting much business compared to their rivals which would play a huge role as the conflict in this story. Such a shame though, compared to the modern rival inn, their inn is so traditional and beautiful – I’d love to stay there! ;A;
It was great to see Minko’s backstory and learning her reason why she lives at the Inn and how Tohru has been playing a huge role in her life. It was thanks to him that she was accepted in the first place and strive for her dream. No wonder she has so much respect towards him and cares for him so deeply. Speaking Tohru I don’t know why, but… (it must be how it’s set up) for some reason I’m getting vibes that Tohru may be interested in Ohana of course she got Ko so it’d be one-sided. Speaking of that young man,  Ko may be coming over since it looks like he was looking at the magazine and that stupid evil heron which would be SUPERRR awesome!!!
As for Ohana, it feels like she’s slowly starting to learn about the love and figuring out whether her heart feels for Ko like he does towards her. So that’s a plus! 😀 Go Ko!!!! I’m rooting for you two! I also loved how she had the guts to barge into their rival’s inn and demand Tohru back and created an uproar. I’m also amused by Yuina’s grandmother’s reaction. She was like, “WTF?”, I was expecting something worst – but man, it looks like Ohana was spared public humiliation thanks to Yuina and her being classmates. Either way, she was humiliated since she just barged in without knowing the real story. I believe this is a cue for both Tohru and her to hunt Tarou down and give him a piece of their minds.
Last but not least, Yuina revealed that she and Tohru are not dating, she had only asked if she could ride his motorbike.

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