Hanasaku Iroha Ep 6: Taking on a Challenge!!!

Ohana’s uncle, Enishi is trying to find new ideas to help create better business for the inn. An obnoxious lady, Takako who happens to be Enishi’s colleague whom he called in to help them out reveals her new game plan to improve their business by giving the employees new uniforms. Ohana, oblivious to how much trouble this woman actually is, becomes fired up and determined to help the business by agreeing they should try something new. She and Nako are forced to try wearing the chinese dresses with a high slit that is rather revealing that makes Nako in particular very uncomfortable. They try to see if it pleases the customer only to have it backfire.
A few days after Takako had left, Ohana decides to confront her grandmother and try encouraging her to try something new. She fails to do so but is led out by Denroku who shows her a room she hasn’t been in before that stored beautiful uniforms that her grandmother had made in the past. Ohana decides that she and Nako will try wearing them for a day and see how they turn out. As result they get a positive response from the customers and at the same time Ohana indirectly learns a little bit more about her grandmother.

Hey everyone, I’m trying rising from the dead. I have been pretty much sick for the last two weeks, I’m still not feeling well and I have no idea why. (the spring flu? Is there such thing!?  … I do feel rather feverish… >_>;) Anyways, so this show is on the priority list because 1) I’m sharing with Oki so I need to finish this and two, 2) because I just watched it and I find myself able to write – I’m getting it done. XD *DUCKS*
This was such a great episode on so many levels. We got to see a very special side of the Manager and some more awesomeness from Ohana! One of the things I love is that she is so fired up and willing to take on a challenge. Ohana has prooven in the past that she is not afraid to…
– Be used as a character for a Eroric Novel
– Allow Tarou to tie her up ‘Erotically’ or whatever. Like hell I know what what that technique or whatever is! D:>
– Wear revealing clothes to seduce customers
When I saw the woman present the crazy costumes I was like, “NO OHANA, DON’T YOU DARE TRY THAT.” And seeing Tarou’s reaction I wanted to kick him out into space. That man is such a pervert, he shouldn’t even still be there in the first place.
It was alot more fun seeing Sui’s soft side, even if it only lasted for short bit. I really like the old man Denroku who knows how to not only make the manager happy, but show off her efforts of trying to improve the inn. It was delightful to see all the new outfits, too bad they only tried one of them! Though I have to say I do adore their current uniform, it’s simple and it’s pretty! As for the new ones, I would have liked to see what they looked like without the apron over them – I’m sure they would have been fabulous too!
I feel bad for Enishi. He’s trying so hard, and I’m pretty sure it’s very stressful for him and really loves the inn enough to want to keep it running. I’m glad he got to see his mother’s efforts despite she has been somewhat rather secretive about it.
Tohru though he wasn’t the ‘star’ of today’s episode, if it isn’t already obvious enough – somebody has a crush and I think Minko is aware of this. I mean even the head chef is like, “WTF, why is he smiling like that!?” His head is up in the clouds, I hope he doesn’t cut himself while working in the kitchen.
If anything this episode like I had mentioned in the last episode brought up the topic how the inn hasn’t been getting good business. So I wonder what kind of strategies they will come up with to attract more people!!!


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