Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi Episode 5: New love


Chiaki Yoshino learn that his manager and his chief-assistant are gay, and to see them together makes him uncomfortable, what secret does Chiaki hides from himself?


Alright, I was confused all episode trying to figure out how this relate in any way to the original set of characters. Yes, they are still professional in the Shoujo Manga industry, it is still gay love, but this is in no one the same as what was going on before.

I am dumbfounded, I am disappointed and I am confused. Why would they stop their story with their original character to continue a new one with new characters with different personality in a different situation? I was beginning to love the original set of characters and their slow development towards accepting themselves, now Ritsu was not halfway done in his path to self-acceptance that we are thrown a new bunch of characters that don’t seem to currently complement the original characters at all.

Same thing as before, just some new characters

Now while the previous story was one of childhood love and how past events can affect someone, this new story seems to either be some weird love triangle or some gay x straight wanna be romance, which one is it I don’t know, Yoshino has not yet convinced me that he was gay.

Now don’t get me wrong, both of the subject and issues at end are interesting, all characters are interesting. But why the hell would you start a new story before the previous one ended? Is it to eventually have both set of characters interact with each other and merge their world? If it is, yes it would be awesome, but I am still unsure of where this is going and if I like it there.

For the first time we saw something mutual going on here

Now one thing I must say is, I suck with names. I can’t remember the name of half my cousins most of the time. So when we have to learn the name of more characters, they better be fucking awesome otherwise It feels like it is not worth my time.

Nothing to see here, just some more yaoi rape

Also another thing, we still had a rape scene in this episode, when Hatori kissed Yoshino when he was on the couch. So because of that I was not too disoriented, this is the only reason why I figured I was still watching the same show as before. I think they are trying to pass some kind of subliminal message that everyone who’s gay are just raping everything, Seriously I have no idea why they love rape so much.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • The love between Hatori and Yoshino seems more mutual than the one between Onodera and Takano


I’ll be in the corner over there, raging and ranting about how they fucked up the show, if anyone needs me.

ZeroG signing off

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