Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 6: The True Pervert

With the finals around the corner, the gang get together to form a study group with the help of Tsumugi, Ibuki and Hina. During the stay, Daigo lets his horny side get the better of them and desperately tries to peek at the girls in the baths, and sneak into their rooms. In the mean time, Ui finds herself look back about the past events relating with her brother and fireflies. Feeling down, during supper Ui can’t bring herself to eat her usual amounts. Then later at night, she wakes up unable to sleep due to feeling hungry. Kazuma who was just returning from the washroom runs into her and gives her the night snack that Senka had prepared before hand knowing that Ui would be hungry. The two go outside and study the night sky, mean while back inside, Madoka wakes up to see the two together.

Holy crap, I couldn’t stop laughing. It was so god damn funny, I was even able to tolerate the sexual jokes!!!! Best of all, we finally got the story about what happened with Ui’s brother. As I have suspected (though I don’t remember whether I mentioned it here), it turns out that he got married and Ui was jealous she was so used to her brother’s attention. While the scene where her brother and his fiancee was at the riverbed when the fireflies all lit up, if she weren’t so upset about it, I’m certain she would have considered it ‘enchanting’ or ‘magical’, because that scene was absolutely breathtaking.
I feel so bad for Madoka because, though she hasn’t told Kazuma yet that they were childhood friends, (which I find it really sad that he doesn’t remember her) she finds herself facing a heartbreaking situation where she sees in her eyes, romance blooming between Ui and Kazuma. I also have ti pity the fact her breasts always seems to get her in the most uncomfortable situations. Though you have to admit, it was pretty funny (and obvious) that the ping-pong ball ended up caught in between.
Speaking of ‘physical’ humor, Daigo. My god,  the girls ought to realize that it’s Daigo who’s the pervert here, not Kazuma. Was Kazuma trying to peek into their baths? No. Was Kazuma interested in joining Daigo sneaking into the girl’s room? No. Was he interested? TO BE CONFIRMED. What we saw today was Kazuma acting like a parent by covering his brother’s ears to prevent him from hearing what the girls were doing as a precaution. I was laughing hysterically with the bucket joke and Ayumu was like, “Whoa! It’s like magic!!!”  *Wipes a single tear from the eye* Oh Ayumu, your innocence amuses me. The best part was that Senka was ready every time Daigo tried to make his move!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOVED IT.
Last thing I before I finish this: Everyone knows, when Ui isn’t asking for more to eat, that’s a bad sign. ;D
Oh and of course, I almost forgot! Hina’s reaction to Ayumu was so cute! <3 I also was amused by the fact Hina was pretty much suffocating Kasane.


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0 thoughts on “Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 6: The True Pervert

  1. this episode was indeed awesome XD
    What Daigo did was perfectly normal, what every man would do.. but Kazuma… his gotta be gay there is no other explanation here.
    My favorite part: Boob Sumo XD (I wonder if they are going to release an uncensored version)

    1. //but Kazuma… his gotta be gay there is no other explanation here.//
      LMAO. I think it’s a brother complex *SHOT* LOL MAYBE HE’S A LOLICON?! *GASPS*

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