The duel between Yusei and Ghost continues where Yusei figures the only way to defeat Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity is to summon Stardust Dragon and power it up at the same time. However the plan backfires the minute he finishes putting his ideal stradegy together. Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity’s effect absorbs a Synchro Monster from its opponents field and its own attack be added up with the attack power of the Synchro Monster in which it had absorbed. Having lost his ace, Yusei has not choice but to ride out of the battle until he can make a comeback. Finally, with the help of the Crimsom Dragon and the Signer’s powers, Yusei was able to summon Savior Star Dragon and activates his trap: Synchro Material, which allows him to use a monster off his opponent’s field for his Synchro Summoning. With this, he was able to retrieve Stardust Dragon and use it to Synchro with Savior Dragon and Uncycler to summon Savior Star Dragon. Now with Savior Star Dragon’s effect of stopping its opponents from using its effects, Yusei decides to attack the head: Wisel Top which triggered destroying the entire monster thus made Ghost lose the duel and fly of the bridge and crashing into the woods below. When he, Jack and Crow go down to make sure the rider is okay (OF COURSE NOT! IF IT WERE A HUMAN THEY’D BE DEAD BY NOW), they discover that its a robot leaving no information behind.

Well, the minute Yusei started synchro summoning I wanted to smack my head on the keyboard. I just couldn’t believe that Fudo Yusei, the genius from Season 1 and 2 would FORGET such an IMPORTANT warning. How much more simplier could have Ushio put it? He said, “Don’t use Synchros Monsters” and wasn’t able to explain the reason, but despite that when he says DON’T USE IT after wounding up in a deadly crash, I think it’s best to take the hint that, IT’S DANGEROUS.
So turns out that (though as if it wasn’t obvious enough already) that Ghost is actually a robot. However what caught my attention was that Ushio and Mikage said: “This robot was a prototype stolen ten days ago.”
… Um? Yeah, WHY is this prototype even in production? Clearly, it’s Yliaster’s doing since we saw the man who said he wanted to mess test it his tablet powers – which was probably in this case, Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity.
Anyhow we learned something important from this. Ghost was never after D-Wheelers but actually after people who use Synchro monsters (in this case, just about everyone in the city ¬__¬) It appears that the villain’s goal is to prevent people from Synchro Summoning because apparently, as Ghost claims they are unneeded and declares his ‘what I call, ‘Anti-Synchro monster’, Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity the Synchro Killer. But the question now is, why are they so serious about getting rid of Synchro Monsters?
It was disappointing to see Yusei rely so heavily on the Signer’s Bonds Powers, but then again in this situation – considering Yusei’s ‘trump cards’ that are the keys to winning his duels are his Synchro Monsters. On the bright side we got to see Savior Star Dragon again and Yusei use his head knowing which piece he needed to destroy out of the five. However, it might be just me, but I wasn’t able to quite grasp the idea that by destroying the head, it delivers all the damage from the individual pieces (I think… @_@;;). Thankfully we were able to see that he used his awesome intelligence by not only taking the crucial evidence, but doing the investigation himself before giving it back to Ushio.
Aside from Yusei, I was shocked to see Crow have so little faith in Yusei. I was like, “Are you serious man? Dude, how could say that?!”, and I would have exploded if Jack had said the same thing, but thankfully he didn’t. As for the other characters, though it was on brief we did see Aki, Rua and Ruka. Their role wasn’t really important except for narrating the fact that Yusei (stating the obvious) is dueling someone/something dangerous.
Overall, it was pretty good episode. The animation quality improved from time to time, but 95% of the time it was pretty bad. Hopefully it will improve by the next.
EXTRA NOTE: Thanks to Ghost’s player bio analyzer, we were able to turn that a year has passed, and Yusei is now 18.


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