Steins; Gate episode 5: Green Jelly seems yummy


Now equipped with the IBM 5100, the team can work on deciphering SERN’s top-secret documents and see what the organization is currently working on.


This episode was much better than many of the previous one, It felt like it had a purpose. Now is the time to look at all the new information we received.

First important thing. It seems that Amane knows much more than we were first led to believe. She appears extremely hostile towards Makise, she even states that Makise will become a problem later on even if she doesn’t know it yet. I believe this to be obvious fact that point towards Amane coming from the future. This would explain her hostility towards Makise, her interest in Hououin and the reason why she seem so clueless to the present world she lives in.


Now her hostility towards Makise, and the fact that Makise was assassinated in a previous spacetime, means that the girl is even more trouble some than she currently seem. At first I believe she already knew a lot more than what we saw, but it looks like she doesn’t even know that she will most likely be a major element in the future SERN-becoming-a-group-of-dictator event. Now what will she possibly do in the future that is so horrible? I don’t have a clue, but it sure looks serious.

Now equipped with their new IBM 5100 they are able to decipher the encrypted message of the SERN organization, and what they found is not pretty. It seems that SERN had a precise plan laid out in their research to unlock the secrets of time travel. The plan consisted on first creating the Large Hadron Particle Collider, this would give them the ability to create the mini black hole they need to travel in time. Their second step was to complete the lifter, which would give them the electrical power they need to “fit” their experimental subject through the mini black hole. The following 2 steps are testing phase, first animal testing and then human experiments.

The image we are shown are horribly well done, gives you a small chill while watching them, there is always this awkward sensation when you see someone turned into an empty husk. I really wonder if SERN kidnapped people for the experiment, or if they had volunteer. I think either one of those is just as scary as the previous one.

Looks yummy

Also I like Makise dirty explanation of science, It is always great to explain how big stuff enter tiny hole and it is tight. That girl acts like a holy virgin but she thinks like a real pervert, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Now Hououin in his craziness as decided he would try to perform the first time travel machine before SERN and become the world next master instead of the evil organization that is SERN. Honestly I don’t know which one of the two is best fit to rule, a group of evil scientist? or one mad man? the choice is difficult.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • The image of the jellyfied human were truly horrible, I liked that

  • The story finally seem to be going somewhere


Usually the 6th episode of a show is a major turning point, since it marks the quarter of the shows length. With this in mind and what happened in this episode, things could easily become quite interesting starting next week.

ZeroG signing off

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