Bleach 320: Can someone kill that plushie for me please?


Orihime is holding a BBQ for Nozomi while Kon is in charge of her personal guard. But Nozomi escapes Kon’s watch and is flee the party.


Any episode of bleach which features Kon for more than 3 minutes will always end up being terrible. First of all, I hate that character, I feel like it occupies no purpose in the story what so ever other than for comedy relief. But since Bleach jokes are all absolutely terrible, anything having comedy relief as their sole purpose are doomed to be horrible character that should be cut from the show.

Yes finish this useless lion!

This episode spent the whole 22 minutes around Nozomi, but she must have said about 10 words in the entire episode. While Nozomi might become an interesting character once we know her story, currently she doesn’t offer much and if the only supporting character around her is Kon, we are certainly set for one boring episode.

Highlight of the episode

According to next week preview we are in for some interesting fight, but for this week we were stuck with some kind of wanna be character development. “Hey guyz, lets learn more about Nozomi, oh wait nvm the girl won’t speak LOL”.  This is what I imagine the director telling the viewers. What has happened in this half hour of painful nothingness? the girl is now closer to Ichigo since he saved her life? we really needed 22 minutes to get to that point?


Also, I still have trouble accepting the fact that those fake are running around and fighting just for fun. It feels like such a bad story concept, it gives me nightmare at night… ok not really, but it is really scary how much it sucks.

I just wished Bleach would have stopped for a season or two, give the manga time to catch up and then started making episode once again.

Things I liked about the episode:

  • meh, nothing really


Next week better be awesome, I don’t want to regret watching this show too much.

ZeroG signing off

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