Steins;Gate episode 6: D-mail spam


The Future Gadget Lab are working on understanding the rules of their Time Machine, through series of experiments they wish to grasp its limit and its power.


This episode was great, the show is once again back to the place I want it to be. This episode was quite linear, but we are once again full-time into time travel.

The team worked on the study of their time machine microwave and the D-mail phenomenon. What I found interesting was how no one had any clue how the scientific process works except for Kurisu. Hououin always seems satisfy with doing a single experiment and inventing theory about the phenomenon afterward. Kurisu is an actual scientist, so she is the only one who actually test using a more scientific approach. How to make sure something work? try everything you can come up with, try to replicate  a phenomenon with new variables and constant until you can get a clear idea of what causes what.

Atleast SOMEONE knows what she is doing

And now they are able to send message precisely back in time, but they have a limit of 32 english character per message or 18 japanesse kanji. This is quite interesting, since it says the amount of information that can be transferred at once, I believe that here lies the problem and solution for their green gel problem. If they can somehow increase the limit of their transfer to allow a greater amount of data to be transferred, they could transfer a whole macro body without unfortunate side effect.

Time for an unrelated note, Daru has such hard time with the real world it amuses me, I see a little of myself in the guy. Master of computer and virtual life, but just some kind of fat loser in real life. This is the sad truth for the guy, but most of the time he can’t really care less, since the virtual world is so much more interesting than real life anyway.

She might be weird, but she sure ain't bad looking

But he is in a good position nonetheless in the real world, since the place where he works just got a new hottie as a lab member. Moeka is (or at least will be) a new addition to the team, and she might be of real help since she seems to have experienced quite a few times against her own will, the future will tell us what good she can provide to the team, other than her awesome body.

To conclude, I just need to talk about the “flashback/revelation” part of the episode where Hououin see himself being sucked to an unknown place in space, past an event horizon. I really wonder if that scene was some kind of nightmare in the guys imagination, or some real subconscious past memory of his. The guy is so insane and disconnected of reality that either possibility are just as possible. If it was a nightmare, it means he fantasize about Kurisu narrating him is future, which doesn’t mean much, but if it is some kind of parallel event in another dimension or some kind of long-lost memory from a different life, it would mean a lot more.

Sucked like never before

Sometimes I say let’s wait for next episode for an answer, but I believe that next episode things will just get more confusing, this is what I would love to see.

Things I liked about this episode:

  • They now know how to operate their microwave

  • They have a new fifth lab member


This show seems to get back on track, it feels like I finally get what I paid for, except I didn’t pay for it and therefore can’t really complain about anything. I should give money to every studio so I have the legitimate right to complain about them.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. vackve says:

    nice review, love this episode.

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