The final battle between Mikuni and Yoga has begun, the battle between the ever lasting present and the uncertain future, who will win?



The final episode has already come, I was expecting to see a 12th episode, but it seems everything good has got to come to an end. This episode was not as great as I wished. Here is why.


The battle, I feel that the action in the battle was really lame, the animation felt rushed and the choreography didn’t seem interesting in the least. The battle takes a good portion of this episode, and it just didn’t feel right in my opinion. For a finale, I expect some over the top fighting move and awesome slow-mo and what not. But the fight seemed clunky and nothing amazing happened, everything we saw we already saw before. The attacks were repetitive and the outcome was quite predictable.

Your future is not so incertain anymore is it?

But hopefully the fight was not the core of this episode, it was merely a mean to an end. and that end was really well done. We were able to see the consequence of trust, the consequence of the future on our present and vice versa. Msyu was able to make Q realize that she was working against herself. Q WAS Mikuni’s sister, if Mikuni was to discard his future (his asset) then he would lose his sister, which is what Mikuni had been fighting for all this time to begin with. Q decided to stop fighting, to save Mikuni’s future, since the present Mikuni was unable to do the right thing for himself.

I would be relieved too if I was to come back from the dead

Not only that, but in the end the most beautiful moment happened. Yoga reversed the printing press, returning the future to everyone who lost it. This meant that Yoga was to depart with Msyu, and they had their last kiss before she disappeared. Is it sad that Yoga sacrificed his only true friend and lover to save everyone’s future? or is it weird in the first place that Yoga kissed his future? is that masturbation? It was a beautiful masturbation scene if it was.

Look at all those future ready to be stolen again !

Now the ending was really beautiful, we were used to see a ruined and horribly sad japan, but then once again life appeared in the country. Kids were playing in the streets, friends and families were reunited. Life was restore as if nothing ever happened. Everything is back the way it always should have been. Now the question is, does that mean that Yoga will get his mother, father and sister back? will he be able to see Msyu with her real face once again? Unfortunately the story ended before we could find out, but I expect that this will either be left to interpretation or it will be shown in an OVA. After all, after all this fighting, our hero merits a bit of happiness in his life. The one who saved the world from destruction should be allowed to be happy with the people he loves.


The last interesting thing to discuss is the creator, the one behind the district. He was left nameless and faceless. His purpose is still unknown, but he was pictured as God. He was a benevolent man, making humanity suffer for the best of the world. He makes people fights and meet to make mankind better. Is that an evil god or a benevolent one? that is up for people to judge. I believe the best way to be happy is to suffer, the more you suffer, the easier it is to find happiness later on. But other people would strongly disagree with me.



This is the end of [C], I really love the part after the outro, it helps you remember how the world really is a beautiful place as it is now. Now while this is the final episode review, there is still the final impression review to do. How was this show overall? How entertaining and revealing was it in the end? This is what you can hope to see really soon !


ZeroG signing off