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This episode was basically a recap of everything that was important between Episode 57 and up till now and then more about the depths that Crow and jack have learned about Yusei’s character, wondering just how well do they understand him. At the same time, they discuss about what they know so far about Yliaster.
It makes me wonder why they decided to put in this recap now, but I think I do understand that because of all the fillers episodes that been in the middle of the actual plot ones,  so that it makes it easier for the audience to not only get summary of what’s happening but also what the characters (in particular Yusei in this case) have been thinking about. Originally I was going to call this entry “All about Yusei” but then what I did realize that this recap was focusing heavily on what we know so far about Yliaster. I think this is important because people over time do forget small things that were said in the past seasons such as what Yusei had learned from Rudger back in Episode 57 who revealed it was Yliaster who was part of the influence to get him to set off the Zero Reverse. We also have been hearing about Yliaster back in Season 1, but back then that wasn’t the main focus so we only heard a little bit. Now, not only Yliaster is playing a much larger role in this arc but they are now officially a threat. They are now in the city, taking action, putting people lives in danger, attracting those like Sherry to the WRGP that they will be hosting and now Yusei and the others have to find a way to take them down, starting off with achieving Accel Synchro, the only way they can counter the Anti-Synchro monsters that GHOST aka, Yliaster uses.
And the last I’ll mention is that we got a new character who has appeared to have washed up on a beach! I can’t wait to talk about him, he’s one of my favorite characters.


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