Satsuki and the others arrive back to Kissuiso where Sui had put Nako to be in charge of taking care of her. Much to Nako’s relief she didn’t face any particular problems and have grown to like Satsuki, while at the same time the group slowly start to warm up to her and appeal to her ideas on how they can improve, however Sui refuses to take any of her daughter’s advice. Later Ohana confronts her grandmother where as the two talk that ends up lasting for long time regarding work and her mother. They then get a call from Satsuki requesting the two of them to come to her room, where Ohana gets drunk from soda and spits out the truth of how she’s feeling at the moment and Satsuki and Sui gets time to talk.

This episode was super sweet. We got to see a whole new side of Satsuki which really made her more likable character. I wasn’t particularly a huge fan of her, and last week I became neurtal and now this week I’m starting to like her more. Satsuki has pointed out some very important advices that are way better than Takako. I was really pleased to see that Sui was able to have a peaceful conversation with her, and it was better yet to see Ohana’s ‘drunk’ side only when she had too much soda. I’m pretty sure that she made her grandmother happy after she said she wanted to stay at Kissuiso because she loves the place and that it’s her new home. It was also good to see Ohana facing a heartbreak after she has finally come to realize that she was indeed in love with Ko – but she realized it too late. I got a good laugh when we learned that Sui had fought hard for her husband since she was rejected four times.
Another part that made me extremely happy was the conversation Ohana was able to hold with her grandmother. The two spoke together for quite a long time before Satsuki had called them up.
I felt bad for Enishi, since he wasn’t part of the ‘family reunion’ hang out. I also felt bad how Satsuki had bullied him in a way of making him do her homework, steal his new years money, and other terrible things in the past. The poor guy, he has quite an aggressive sister.
Last but not least, I think that when he mentioned that their mother is very light, it’s hinting her health condition. She has collapsed a few episodes ago and I don’t expect her health to be improving very much.
I hope that Ohana will be able to inherit the Inn in the future. She has the love and dedication to keep it running, and I’m sure her grandmother sees that.


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  1. Vantage

    YES, no Takako this episode ^^ When Enishi was about to call her, I was like…OH GOD, NOOOO ;(
    It was really nice to see Satsuki (somewhat) make up with Okami-san, as well as Ohana acknowledging her trying to act like a parent xD

    1. Eva

      ¬____¬ IKR? Thank god. I swear one day I’d like to see someone physically grab her and throw her out of the building or lock her out the minute she shows up. LOL.

      1. Vantage

        NOTHING VENTURE, NOTHING WI- *door slams*

  2. TimesTicking

    This episode was nice 😀
    I’m becoming a fan of Satsuki XD Damn I wanna get drunk by drinking soda… I wonder what would happen if Ohana drank alcohol o.o

    1. Eva

      Lets just hope she never tries alcohol. If she can’t handle soda, I can’t imagine her handling that… .__________.||||

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