[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 9: Shockwave of Change


Singapore disappears and the shockwave it creates menace to bring Tokyo down with it, will Mikuni successfully save the present?



The present is saved, Mikuni succeeded in saving Tokyo from destruction, but at what cost. Not only did he sacrificed 20 years of his future, he also sacrificed the future of everyone in the country, The country is now but a shell of its original self. It was quite impressive to see Singapore disappear from the map followed by a shockwave of destruction taking future in its path. Now Tokyo is filled with homeless people wandering the parks and there was 3 baby born in a whole week? That is absolutely devastating! So many people who never even saw their future commence before it was taken away by Mikuni’s investment.

On a Shockwave I feel I don't need anyone


What was interesting is that Hong Kong was barely touched by the shockwave while Shanghai and Tokyo took quite a huge hit. I wonder what determine the resistance to the shockwave. Did Hong Kong had such a small impact because they had nearly no investment in Singapore? or is the Hong Kong district simply more healthy and strong, therefore allowing it to easily resist the shockwave.


Also this episode it seems that I was proven so wrong about Msyu being Yoga’s younger sister. I was so certain of it, but it seems it wasn’t the way things worked. What seems to be the truth is that Yoga father was worried he would lose his next deal and decided to commit suicide so his lost would not destroy his son and wife future. It seems the only way to exit from the Financial district is to give up on his own future. But It seems Yoga and his father had a nearly identical asset, what does that mean I have no clue, but I have a feeling there is a deeper meaning to it.

I can see some similar facial features indeed

Another interesting thing was the big printing press of the Midas district, that huge living thing that seemed quite gigantic for the purpose of printing money, but it does have to transform Future into pieces of paper after all. Mikuni was able to observe for a brief instant all the future that were taken away to create the money. It is unbelievable how human would rather obtain concrete objects as guarantee for their future rather than just believe and have hope in it. Every little piece of paper represent the potential of someone, every time you buy a drink, you pay it with the hopes and dream of an individual somewhere. This system of currency is madness, I have difficulty understanding how such a system could possibly be sustainable.

I would like to know the exchange rate to go from future to dollars



This episode the world turned to the worse, there is not much longer to the story and there is so much that can still go wrong. It seems that everyone world is slowly fading to memory. It seems as if only the husk of the richest men will stay present in the end. I hope that we will soon see some hope for this lost world.


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