Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 10: Such a Happy Episode :D

Takashi still hasn’t come back… Sweet. Wherever you are, you can stay there forever and ever.

Hayato’s clothes on Takashi’s body looks kinda weird…

This week, Hayato is the one who takes care of Takashi’s body. He wakes up in the morning, then gets dressed into his usual clothes, only for him to get told that he needs to wear a school uniform facepalm FAIL. It is then time for us to notice how much common sense Hayato seems to lack, and how much he lacks the ability to act differently than his usual self. It is, however, fairly awesome as he tells the whole class to go fuck themselves and to stop telling him what to do Yup. He’s definitely himself alright. He then argues with Asuka like crazy, talks to “the Crow” the sadistic dude who wanted to rip out Takashi’s intenstines… that’s how I recognize him, then to the horny girl and in the end SCHOOL IS OVER! He is now back to normal, with Naru 😀 and Kouda Ai, but I couldn’t care less about her.

With this, Naru takes Hayato to the POOL! Naught girl is naughty. Cute, adorable and sweet, but Naughty. Kouda and Alice follow, Kouda gets her pads stolen by Alice for a second I half-believed those boobs were real O.o, then we get more ecchi moments intertwined with OMFG-THIS-IS-SO-CUTE moments. Ahhh, romance… 😀

And boobies.

and then more romance 😀

After the pool, Alice and the big-boobed lady her huge rack distracted me from knowing her name leave, and Hayato gets dragged by Kouda and Naru to Alexander, the restaurant Chitose and him, in a way works. He then freaks out every time he sees an employee, because apparently Hayato can’t control the fact that Chitose comes out when he’s nearby the shop… Huh? Anyways… In the end, it turns out that Naru loves Hiyoko’s new novel and the author even ends up giving out autographs Yay for her! 🙂, and it’s HAPPEH TIMEZ FOR ALL!!!! Except when Chitose has a talk with Hiyoko afterwards and tells her that he’ll wait for her third book forever, and at the same time reminds himself that he won’t be here forever… IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. I REFUSE.
The next day, Hiyoko has a new publishing deal! She throws a fit at Bitch-girl because she was a bitch to her, then joins the Alex 2 and forms the ALEX 3!!! And the episode ends.
Gee, yay to the crappy and totally unexpected end of episode… -_-‘ I hate it when that happens.
Basically, I was really satisfied with this episode as well, I simply love Hayato and Chitose’s lives Takashi seriously annoys me, now that I think about it.
I really liked Hayato in this episode, first off because he told everyone in the class to go fuck themselves and kept arguing like crazy with Asuka, and then because he’s realizing that he kinda likes Naru and it’s just so cute ^.^. As for Chitose, he didn’t get much time, but I still enjoyed the small part they showed us. I didn’t laugh as much, but I liked Hiyoko’s development, she is now ready to write a third book and is much more confident than before, all because of Chitose, who currently feels really sad because he will have to leave soon D: I still refuse. The tiny amount of plot in this show still keeps going, and it’s about to come to an end as the final episode will soon show up.
Now, apparently Takashi still isn’t back… As much as I hate him, I’m kinda wondering what happened, I mean it would be way too fun to learn that he died but the show would never do that without giving a sentimental feel to it Then again, now that I think about it this show is pretty good at giving us WTF moments when we think the plot is finally making sense, so who knows... Next week, it looks like we get to see him again though, so we’ll know what happened! He went on an orgy trip for 2 days. That has to be it.
I’m also kinda curious as to who the hell this “Crow” is. That dude is really weird, I dunno why the hell he’s evil but apparently he is, and yet he doesn’t do anything evil… He’s weird. Anyways, back to our 3 heroes, I really love how they distinguished their personalities, it’s very well done and we really see a difference of character between each of them.
I loved this episode since it was so happy! Everyone is having happy times together, they’re cute, merry, funny, and it was such a carefree episode, yet with a bit of plot, I really liked it :).

2 thoughts on “Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 10: Such a Happy Episode :D

  1. This episode was funny XD My guess Crow could be that Raven person.
    Hayato just made me lol so much arguing with Asuka.
    I think this series got soooo much better after Takashi stopped showing up.

    1. I really liked this episode as well. As for your statement about Takashi, I couldn’t agree any more. Unfortunately, he’ll have to show up again for next episode at least, maybe to disappear forever and ever 😀

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