Hidan no Aria Ep 8: Forbidden Arts

As Aria makes an entrance claiming that she will arrest Durandal, the culprit retreats and chains Hotogi to a post as the room starts filling up with water. Kinji urges Aria to go ahead and pursuit Durandal since she can’t swim, who does so. As the water level rapidly increases, Kinji tries his best to pick the locks and free Hotogi as she asks him to leave her behind so he wouldn’t be killed. When a wave fills up the room, Kinji uses his last resort and kisses Hotogi in order to ‘summon’ his badass side. Aftering freeing her, they get swept off separating the two. Kinji returns to the surface where he finds Hotogi, who however is actually Durandal who had successfully tricked Aria, putting her at risk. The real Hotogi shows up and confronts Durandal where as she demands that she will fight herself and use a forbidden technique.

This was a pretty darn good episode if you ask me. I liked the action, though I really wished they spent more screen time on the battle between Hotogi and Jeanne rather than Kinji and Aria talking about ‘trust’. I was pleased to see Hotogi start taking actions for herself and no longer ‘obey’ the shrine. Also I found it pretty awesome the way she fights and how she corporate with Aria and bonded with her despite having their little ‘rivalry’ moment at the end of the episode. However I wasn’t surprised that Hotogi wasn’t her real name, but really it’s: Hiiro no  Miko (Scarlet Priestess).
Overall, the one thing that I think played a crucial role in satisfying me is the animation quality. When a battle sequence has terrible animation, I can’t stand watching it plus it completely ruins the mood and the awesomeness. It was also good to see Aria have a weakness where as she can’t swim (something that I think all Butei students SHOULD be able to do), which will probably play a role putting her in danger in the the future. And finally, I find it really interesting how they twisted Jeanne’s history a bit where she hasn’t been killed and was saved at that point with a replacement in her stead. Also the fact she has several of powers, ice AND to be able to change form and mimic another? Now that’s impressive.
However, can I say one little thing? Honestly I don’t know how to feel about a decedent of Jeanne d’Arc being a villain… moreover I’m stunned that she was defeated you know? But I have to say I absolutely adore her character design, it’s gorgeous. Also if you watched the opening, Reki is no longer there and Jeanne took over Riko’s spot.
Speaking of Riko, we saw her at the very end of the episode, plus she’ll be returning to seduce and cause more trouble.


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  1. This episode was pretty good. I only liked that they finally had some good actions in this episode… The one thing I didn’t like was that Reki was no where to be found on this episode T.T I wanna see Reki in action…

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