Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi Ep 9 & 10

Note: I’m not going to write summaries about this show anymore I doubt I’d keep my word on that. I don’t like it enough nor have the will to do, but I’m just going to follow through and finish covering it.

Episode 9:  Hina and Kazuma


… I will stay it straight out that I did not enjoy this episode whatsoever. It was boring. Heck I say that alot for this show =_=; I honestly don’t care about Hina’s character, but anyhow we got a backstory – she wants to go to Tokyo University so she can study and promote her family’s sake shop. However she’s having a hard time explaining to her father the reason since he’s so caught up with the idea of her leaving and doesn’t want her to therefore blocking out or interrupting her before she could finish. What really sucks that in the end, it was Kazuma that spoke up for her, she didn’t do it. He did, and he also took on her father’s tug of war  challenge and defeated him. *Rolls eyes again* I understand for most part that Hina’s father was planning to lose in the first place, but honestly god – I wish she had spoken up for herself with Kazuma’s support instead of him saying it for her.


Episode 10: Madoka and Kazuma

Poor Madoka, but at least she can move on now.

I’m kind of glad they wrapped up Madoka’s and Kazuma’s relationship considering it looks like they’ve  been crossing out the candidates and aim for the potential canon pairing and now Madoka can finally move on. With Madoka crossed off the list, it’s pretty clear it’s between Ibuki and Ui, however it’s quite a set up since it can easily jeopardize their friendship and it looked to me that when Ibuki asked Ui how she felt for Kazuma, she was relieved to hear that she only considered him as a brother.
Of course either way, since from episode one it felt like everything was leaning towards Ui x Kazuma being canon, and it sounds like the next episode is going to try and develop on that part to see whether Ui actually feels for Kazuma beyond her ‘brother’. On the other hand, I do wonder if Ibuki will step it up. There’s only two episodes left, so there’s alot of clear up- but to be honest, I find it rushing.

This episode, I felt that I was supposed to cry, feel bad for Madoka, share her heartbreak with her but- this episode didn’t touch me at all. In fact to put it bluntly, it was somewhat boring in a way. I have considered dropping this show since episode 9, but since there’s only two episodes left – I might as well suck it up and finish it.

PS: Koyori looked very cute today!


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  1. Was I supposed to cry on the last scene? It feels like this anime wasn’t well done at all…

    1. Maybe, they totally failed to connect with the audience. :\ It is an average show, it’s not ‘bad bad’, but it’s not special either.

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