Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 11: Damn, I'd hoped he was dead already.

Takashi IS BACK! HE’S FIGHTING FOR HIS COUNTRY! HE’S DEFEATING HUMONGOUS MONSTERS WITH THE POWER OF LOVE!! This isn’t Dragon Crisis guys. Get back to the story already.
ALRIGHT. So now that Takashi is back into the real world, he goes back into naughty matters as he discusses what an “imouto moe” is Oh god. He’s getting naughtier by the episode, that kid, gee. As he’s going back home, he then encounters many different people, like an employee from Alexander and Alice-chan, who seem to recognize him as either Hayato or Chitose Huh, interesting.
He then goes to Asuka’s house they’re gonna do dirty things, I’m telling you and explains to her everything about Gretagard. Asuka then tells him that he’s insane and that Gretagard was a made up world I kinda saw that one coming based on a game. Takashi starts questioning himself, then “disappears” again yes and Chitose confirms to us that what she said is true, however he also seems to say that Takashi will never come back, that is, until Asuka starts beating him up like a maniac.


It is then time for Hayato to appear! And then Chitose… And then Hayato! And Chitose again… and then Hayato… and finally KARURA! what the hell, go die. In the end, Asuka and Takashi have a heart to heart conversation, the title of the show decides to pop into it, and she tells him that it’s fine to stay in Gretagard, so long as he gets something from it if only you knew what he did in that world, you wouldn’t say that.
SURPRISE BLOWJOB! Oh wait. I just kinda destroyed the ambience here, I think. Oops.

Anyways, after Takashi is finally back and has accepted that Gretagard wasn’t real, he then says bye to Asuka, who states “if you don’t come back, I’ll kick your ass” to which her boyfriend replies with a smile. Ohh, teenage love, how cute.
Getting back home, Takashi looks at the things Chitose and Hayato have given him, then has a word with them about “not having saved anyone” and the episode ends as Takashi is about to do something that we don’t know the content of yet, we only know it involves Kobato’s lost brother.
Well, well. Plotwise, a lot of things amaze me in this show, a lot of things deceive me. Let’s look into this a bit deeper, shall we?
First off, I’m glad Gretagard was only a fantasy. Had it been real, I think I would’ve been legit scared. Now though, because that doesn’t exist, I’m starting to doubt that Chitose and Hayato exist also. What if they’re only split personalities of Takashi, who seriously has a mental problem and thinks there’s more than one person in him? That would unfortunately make way too much sense… It would explain why everyone recognizes Chitose and Hayato despite Takashi being in the cockpit, why there’s more than one person in one body, and it would also explain Chitose’s paragraph from before that “We’ll get him treated to a hospital, then leave him in the cockpit for good”. If that’s the case though… It would mean that Takashi is the main character, it would mean that he’s playing with 3 girls at the same time and it would mean that Hayato and Chitose don’t exist!!!!! I refuse to think that. I don’t want it. God, please let it not be true. Please.
If my predictions aren’t true, I wonder how the hell Takashi suddenly knew about the other people inside of him…
On a side note, Asuka was really scary this week. Her fist fight against the 3 boys was insane, and she really scared me O_O. I found that her deep conversation with Takashi was really cute though, and I love her much more than I could like Takashi she doesn’t beat Naru though. No one will.
Let’s hope that next week my predictions won’t be true… It makes way too much sense that Takashi is entirely crazy… But that would SUCK!!! I DON’T WANNA!!!! I DUN WANNA I DUN WANNA I DUN WANNA!!!! pouts

2 thoughts on “Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 11: Damn, I'd hoped he was dead already.

  1. This show is soooo confusing… I’m just glad that Gretagard is fake, so basically next week is going to be a full episode of Takashi? Man next week is gonna suck…. And we still have no info about the real owner of the body the littler brother.

    1. Actually, I do believe that next week is all about the little brother, and it’s also the final episode so we’ll see how everything turns out in the end, including what happens with Hayato and Chitose (At least I hope so). Even if Takashi is “the most important” I couldn’t care less about him, really, it should still be an interesting episode since we’re finally going to have everything explained. I’m actually really curious…

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