New Server!!!

Hey folks, we moved over to this glorious new server so that we can have more space and stuff. Such a cozy home, we have alot of renovations that we want to do though!!! Thanks to that we will be able to let loose and do a lot of new things such as Podcasts and I think someone said they wanted to do a video or something, not sure, but anyways the important part is, we will be updating on THIS SERVER FROM NOW ON!!!! It was certainly a bumping ride, but we managed!!! Quite a way to kick off summer now isn’t it? So make sure you update your bookmarks if you have the old site down!!! Or if you are lazy and love staring at old stuff, keep it that way and click that glorious image that Moe (is supposed to make, it isn’t up as I speak LOL FAIL)!!!!


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0 thoughts on “New Server!!!

    1. Thank you! Yes we are, and we’re fired up!!! If it weren’t for Zero’s help, man – this wouldn’t have been up and ready by today. We’re still getting used to it, but now we have more options available to try out the new things. 😎

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