Yusei grows more concerned and overwhelmed as GHOST plagues him in his dreams and remain as a deadly threat and obstacle that he must overcome. The next morning Yusei confronts Jack and requests to have a duel with him in hopes to try a new strategy to counter Ghost’s Anti-Synchro monster, only that plan fails miserably as Jack calls off the duel, knowing that Yusei was going to lose. Later in the evening they go to the WRGP gathering where all the teams who wishes to participate show up. Only not before long, someone comes to crash the party with their oversized-inspired by Bomber-D-Wheel and shit. As Aki who had summoned Black Rose Dragon scare the shit out of the guy and attack him, the guy flees and finds himself being chased by GHOST. When Ushio gets the message that GHOST appeared, the gang head out only to be stop when a man declares that they are already too late, and there’s no way that Yusei can defeat ghost unless he overcomes his limitations.

So despite having a ‘fun’ duel with Sherry, Yusei is still terribly worked up and concerned about how he is supposed to defeat GHOST when they got a Anti-Synchro stradegy that would put them in control of the duel the minute they absorb one’s Synchro monster. It’s no surprise that he had asked Jack to help him out, but it was also no surprise that Jack called off the duel knowing that Yusei wasn’t himself and he was going to lose. Clearly he doesn’t want to win against Yusei while the guy’s facing a handicap and training to find a new strategy that wouldn’t involve Synchro monsters. Of course, when Crow mused outloud about ‘what other stradegy is there’, the first thing that hit me was the old school method. We’ve seen some duels that have used the old school method, but in to do that – Yusei would need Fusion Monsters, and other spell cards that would allow him to summon them – and of course, the guy doesn’t have any on him and they are probably extremely rare and hard to find. Also Yusei kind of went back to his ‘anti-social’ attitude, not wanting to talk to people and has a look that could kill. On top of that he’s being stalked followed by a man who has been watching him all day long – who then claims that the way he is right now, will not be able to defeat GHOST.
Speaking of Ghost, while we already knew that Placido (one of the three heads of Yliaster) was the fault of creating it in the first place. We also saw today that he enjoys wiping out D-Wheelers putting them in what could be almost described as a ‘Fatal Accident’. In short, this guy is a monster. You don’t want to duel him, in fact – if you have to duel him and you know you’re going to lose, come up with an emergency plan to counter their system hijack methods and run for your damn life.
Then there was Aki who had tagged along to the gathering so that she can learn more about D-Wheels. I was super pleased to see that she, for the third episode in a row – use her psychic abilities to summon Black Rose Dragon and the party crasher’s ass. It’s too bad she didn’t hop onto her dragon and hunt him down, that would’ve been pretty epic and badass at the same time. Oh and Jack, the man who decided to dress up as a pimp for this event. Jeez, it makes you wonder why he hasn’t entered show business or modeling considering he LOVES glamorous pimp outfits and sparkles attention.
Finally, last but not least… I was super amused by Team Unicorm. No, not just because the name sounds corny, but one of the members has a horn styled into his hair or whatever. IT LOOKS SO- RANDOM IN A WAY! XD He must’ve applied alot of hair spray to make it stay in place like that.


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