Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 9: This show is now back into my heart :)

Ohh, how this show is great. I have to admit that the last 2 episodes were kinda weird…This week, we are still in the classroom as Asuka has figured out that Chitose-who-is-currently-in-Takashi’s-body isn’t Takashi. They have a small but interesting conversation where we learn that Takashi ignores the fact that Hayato and Chitose live in his body, and then Chitose goes back to the church thingy to talk with Hayato. The said hottie yells at him after a small talk about their love life, because he leaked out some important information about their country.
Seeing as Takashi hasn’t come back from Gretagard yet, Chitose takes his place for a while, and apparently his acting skills suck since everyone seems to recognize him easily apart from the voice, I thought he was actually pretty good... Chitose then gets attacked by Yamashina the girl Takashi had sex with who thinks it smart to harass him and tell to the whole class that they had sex together Oh god.
Finally, it is Chitose’s actual turn, and he works it off at Alexander, doing stupid things as he wears a maid/idol uniform and as Tamaizumi feels ignored. Then, he defends her as 2 employees discuss her book and how bad they think it is, and Tamaizumi hears the conversation and becomes really sad about it.

Poor, poor Hiyoko...

On Hayato’s turn, him, Naru and a bunch of other random people are still looking for her bike I think it’s already lost by then… O.o, and we learn the reason as to why she wants her bike back mostly: She wants the pager that she left inside of it because it’s a present from her mother that’s kinda cute… but kinda weird, considering it’s still a pager. After we finally learn that Naru is a complete airhead who forgets to mention that she left her bike long enough for the city council to take it, the next day in daylight! gasp they find it it took a grand total of 9 episodes to find a simple bike… Think about it and Naru shows once more that she is the cutest thing on Earth by showing how happy she is that she found her bike.
Yay, it looks like this show is finally back on the right track! I really liked this episode. It was funny, kinda perverted, romantic, yet still pretty full of plot and definitely not ridiculous.To be honest, now that we have many things explained, the story is quite understandable (with a couple of plot holes here and there, but whatever, the show’s not over) and today things actually happened. I wonder what happened to Takashi, and most of all I really want to know how everything is going to end. I refuse to accept that Hayato and Chitose, who are much cooler than naughty-but-innocent Takashi, will disappear in order to give him control. Moreover, what will happen to Naru and Hiyoko if these two disappear? :(.
I also really liked how both Hiyoko and Naru’s little side story was developed. Naru finally found her bike, we learned a bit more about her as she talked about her pager, and Hiyoko seems pretty sad about the idea that her book is so bad. Chitose, go comfort her! NAO. And then kiss her to make me happy :).
The humour was also quite present in this episode, and we met the real Yamashina-san, the crazy one who talks all the time and can’t shut up, and who is so freaking hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing while she was going at it and talking nonstop for 5 minutes. Moreover, Chitose’s reaction to it was amazing. He, just like me, probably thought that Takashi was the innocent one… Gee, I think he’s the worst of them all Hayato doesn’t have an ounce of perversion in him ^.^ He’s too cool for that.
Anyways… I absolutely loved this episode, let’s hope the show doesn’t deceive me like last episode which was just plain weird and let’s hope that overall it will be AWESOME~~

4 thoughts on “Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai Episode 9: This show is now back into my heart :)

  1. This was one of the most decent episode out of all. I wish they can continue making episodes like this. I like how Yamashina talks freaking fast and all but it can get quite annoying if you hear her talk a lot o.o
    Sadly I’m still watching this show regardless being the most weirdest anime of the season.

    1. Count it as being the weirdest one that you’re watching. I have no doubt that there are weirder ones, from what I’ve seen in first episodes, anyways, and I’m sure they are much more retarded than this (then again, it is true that this one is a little hard to beat). By the way, you’re not the only one still watching this, so it probably means that this show has potential despite its weirdness XD.
      As for Yamashina, I guess our opinions differ on that, I think I could hear her rant for a whole episode and still not get tired of it maybe after 2 episodes… It<s just way too hilarious.

  2. Takashi “snapped” I guess. Probably realised he wasn’t good enough to be the “chosen one”.
    One will probably has the impression that Takeshi is the owner of the body (like Hayato and Chitose throught…)
    Anymore information will certainly spoil ya, its only episode 9.

    1. BWAHAHAHAH I KNEW IT WASN’T GOING TO END AS BADLY AS TAKASHI CONTROLLING THE BODY!!! And I hadn’t thought about the theory of him “snapping”, I thought maybe he would have been captured or in a humongous war or something… But that is also possible, then again he would have told Asuka something if that was true… So many questions left unanswered, I’m starting to seriously be impatient for next episode!

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