Toriko Episodes 7 and 8: Not so good but definitely not bad…

Due to lack of motivation for this show, the summaries will be omitted since I can never bring myself to write them and it is the reason why these reviews are always so damn late. My apologies, however these posts will show up much more on time than before.
Episode 7 Impression
I liked the cliffhanger of this 🙂 I’ll agree that it wasn’t the best, but since Toriko is in an arena full of humongous beasts where a Devil Snake is lurking in the background, it’s still pretty damn intense. Now, we know already that the Battle Wolf is going to be a good person well, a good wolf anyways, however I’m a little curious as to how Toriko will get it to go smaller. Either he’s gonna get a baby version (since it has been established that the Battle Wolf is a girl that’s the most plausible theory), or he’s gonna get the real version but somehow it’s gonna shrink which, in my opinion, would be much cooler than the simple baby idea.
We finally got to know who the bad guys were. The bishokukai, who control GT Robos, seem pretty dangerous and known to the world, so I’m guessing it’s a pretty dangerous organization. We haven’t learned much about them yet though…
Finally, we got to meet tons of new characters this episode :3. The most important will probably be the Battle Wolf, and apart from that we’ve met the third Heavenly King, the lady who has a crush on Toriko, Rin. She seems like an awesome and energetic character, and her crush on Toriko just makes everything hilarious and much better. I like her already :). We also met Mansam, the third man of the IGO, who definitely doesn’t look “handsome” in my opinion. Talking about not handsome people, the president of the IGO definitely wins first place in that.

O____o Stop looking so WEIRD.

And now, on to episode 8!
Episode 8 Impression
This episode was so damn BADASS all the way!
Toriko beating up everyone = Badass.
Mansam fighting = Badass.
The Battle Wolf fighting = Badass.
Baby Battle Wolf running around happily before his mother gets killed heartlessly:

It looks like my first theory about the Battle Wolf was right, Toriko will end up keeping the baby instead of the mother. I never imagined that they would make her die, however, which saddens me because all Battle wolves simply look AWESOME and I want one as a pet/bodyguard Not that I need a bodyguard, but it would still be awesome 🙂.
The main plot for this arc has started, and the action scenes are pretty damn decent, which makes me want to watch more of this! Once again, beautiful cliffhanger, because Toriko is incredibly pissed off and although it wasn’t the best build up to it, it was still quite well done and makes me want to watch more of it so that we can see Toriko kick that guy’s ass 🙂.
It seems like this show never quite completely overthrows me with awesome, but for some reason I can never stop watching it and it’s actually quite good. Right now, I would categorize it in the “above average” category. It’s not that great, but it’s definitely not bad.
P.S.: Enjoy this cute scene.

3 thoughts on “Toriko Episodes 7 and 8: Not so good but definitely not bad…

  1. I like the Toriko story up until the conclusion of the Jewel Meat/Ice Hell story arcs but it does kinda fall off after that. It still appears to be pretty popular in the weekly rankings in WSJ so that might just be me. Anyway those arcs will still take awhile so maybe it’ll be okay until episode 24 at the most (will it go past 12?)

    1. There is still an unknown number of episodes to the show, however I think that it’s going to last quite a while still (it’s just personal opinion, but I’m pretty sure about it). I dunno if it’s going to get amazing or not, I guess I’ll give it a shot! 😛

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