Sekai-Ichi Hatuskoi episode 11: Takano’s Past


Ritsu meets his old boss and it makes Takano really jealous, in love stories things usually gets quite interesting when jealousy comes into play.



Such story development ! This episode is what this show should be all about, instead of that multiple story concept that just doesn’t bring the same enjoyment. I want to see an impossible romance come true !


The story is basically two people who loves each other but one of the two refuses to believe that their love is real and that something could happen. What we want to see is obviously for the two of them to finally be together ! I’m sure that this is what we will be given next episode, since I believe it will be the last episode? I’m not sure if there is a 13th episode, but I hope next week everything is solved and everything becomes perfect once again. The show has run its course and I don’t expect there is much more story to be told now that Takano’s past has been revealed. The only thing left to happen is for Takano and Ritsu to talk to each other. If they can talk and Takano has not tried to rape Ritsu and Ritsu has not escaped, then there is a really high chance that everything will be for the best.

I feel a chilly wind between those two


Everything is present for their love to work, they had a past (really short) relationship together that didn’t work out, but even after that relationship they both were confused. Ritsu tried to forget the past and have a new relationship with someone, but it never worked out in the end, he was never really interested. Meanwhile Takano became an alcoholic and eventually simply worked like a mad man to forget about the pain he had inside. Now they are united once again, they know they like each other, but one of them is afraid that his past love will run away once again, while the other one tries to convince himself that their love is impossible and that what he feels for him is not love but something else.


He looked much more carefree before

I want to see one consensual kiss between the two before this show ends. I want to feel like a little princess and see that loves always work out in the end. Will make my inner Unicorn shoots rainbows.



This episode could have easily been the final episode, the only thing they would have to change is have Takano be a little slower. If he had not catch Ritsu when he felt, Ritsu would have died, the last 5 minutes of the show would have been the funeral and after the credit we could see a short scene where Takano let himself drop off a bridge.


The end.


Of course every normal human being would have hated that ending, but I just love unfinished stories. It feels different from the usual show, makes life more interesting when something unexpected happens.

The guy just saved your life, the least you could do is let him fuck you once as a reward



Only 1 or 2 episode left, and it is showing, the show is nearing the end, there is not much left before our two lovers finally can tell their love to each other. I look forward to it.


ZeroG signing off

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