As another tablet crashes just outside of Neo Domino, Luciano (one of the three heads of Yliaster) goes undercover to try and confront Ruka as a transfer student. He introduces Ruka a skateboard that can be used in riding duels.  Rua who was suspicious about him to begin with, manages to sneak onto his property to see the new technology and goes to Yusei to share the information and asks if he can make him one. Yusei successfully makes one and Rua heads out to test it out. Ruka finds him and join his practice until they are forced into a riding duel against Luciano.
Impression: Sorry I’m not spamming screenshots this episode because I don’t have HQ or HD material.

Are you too young to drive a D-Wheel?
Are you too impatient to wait till you’re older?
Do you want to look cool?
No worries! We have a solution for you!
Presenting now Riding Duels on D-Boards!!!

Well folks, if you thought they couldn’t take it to another level, you have been proven wrong. Now, we got riding duels on skateboards (I guess it’ll go along with D-Boards)! I’ll be honest, I did facepalm when I realized what was happening, but my god – the most annoying part is- LIKE HELL EITHER OF THE TWO KNOWS HOW TO PLAY ACCORDING TO THE SPEED WORLD II RULES! That aside, physical impacts are involved in this battle, and it’s basically playing by the same rules as ‘GHOST’, of course Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity literally gives it away.
Anyways, Rua may fail as a ninja, but he’s surprisingly an accurate artist. One of the things I do like about Rua’s character is how much he wants to protect and cares for his sister. But he’s still annoying, especially when he pesters Yusei. *HEADESKS*
As for Luciano, he just confirmed it today that he’s in fact not human – scratch that – any of the three are human. Changing form of appearance, these Yliaster guys are pretty darn crafty.
And finally, damn Placido I’d find you sexy if you actually looked like that… =3= Luciano looks damn fineeee himself. No wonder Ruka is gushing about him. LOL. And thus, despite it being only one episode, let the shipping between Luciano x Ruka begin…


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