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Yusei is offered the chance to experience the new strategy that will be the key to defeating GHOST. Dark Glass starts off by testing Yusei and his will to take a risk by throwing him off guard about how fast they must drive. After Yusei barely manages to complete the test, Dark Glass then challenges him to a duel, telling him to go all out, as he reveals a brand new technique known as ‘Accel Synchro’.

Thanks to Dark Glass (yeah that’s what we’re calling the dude until we get his actual name), Yusei has a new strategy to practice so that he can defeat Ghost. Dark Glass is a mysterious character, it was interesting how he was testing Yusei will to step out of his speed comfort zone. Turns out, the test was relevant since you need to be seriously accelerating in order to correctly perform the Accel Synchro. So Accel Synchro itself is a mysterious technique that allows the player to ‘tune’ their Synchro Monsters and on top of that, during the opponent’s turn where as they literally disappear for a second and appear from behind. The logic behind it – don’t even ask.
I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that I actually found it rather refreshing to see them not immediately run into a duel. Seeing them race down the highway and Yusei look very uncomfortable with the speed he had to compete against was good. Also this is probably the most they’ve used Digitalized effects for the driving scenes so far. Fortunately, as I have said earlier on – it doesn’t bother me because it isn’t ugly, and they don’t overuse it. It was also good to see some new monsters, and I must say I absolutely love Tech Genus Blade Gunner’s design. Kudos to the artist who entered the competition to submit their design (as shown at the very end of the episode after the ED) It’s badass.
Next week, it’s Aki learns how to ride a D-Wheel! 😀


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