LET’S GO GRAVE DIGGING!!!! Yup. ‘Cause we’re cool like that. This week, this is what Victorique and Kujo do, as they try and figure out who did what in this unsolvable case.
After some prayers and observing, they all go watch the play, where at the same time Victorique explains the whole murder case and solves everything, except for who the murderer is. After the play, Kujo and Victorique are still in the theater when a creepy man appears behind them, giving them a look that states “I can’t let you live because you’re about to solve the case and I’m involved in it”. The creepy man turns out to be Jupiter Roget, the head of the Science Academy, and another Gray Wolf. With him entering, Victorique explains another part of the mystery Oh damn this is getting quite intense and complicated, and then she leaves and goes back to the Academy, as Albert de Blois is satisfied with what Victorique told him.
Back to the Academy, we get a glimpse of the happy Cordellia singing for her daughter, accompanied by the red-haired twins, and then Kujo and Victorique walk back to the library, hand in hand Awww.
I don’t recall having liked an episode of Gosick that much past the first few episodes. Oh my, this week was AWESOME.
To start off, the mystery of Coco Rose was amazing, and definitely my most favourite of all. The way Victorique solved it all was really interesting, and Kujo was quite useful as well, however what I loved the most of it was the story behind it all, the motives and how everything got tied together, including everything that concerned Leviathan. Everything was quite amazing, and very well explained. I simply loved it, and there was a lot of things that I didn’t expect (For example, the death of Coco Rose, her black child and then her survival out of the palace).
Moreover, the ending was… oh my… SOOOOOO FREAKING CUUUUUUTE!!!!! :D. Victorique looks like she’s finally coming out of her shell, and when she held hands with Kujo it was so completely adorable… I was bitching about the Disney corniness last episode, however this week I just couldn’t help but smile at it.
My only problem right now is that we still don’t know why the hell Brian Roscoe needs to be doubled. If he just has a twin for the hell of it, then that just plain sucks.
Short and sweet, that’s how this episode felt like, and that’s how my post is. Next week is Christmas time, Victorique’s birthday, and kissing time with Kujo 🙂 leave me alone in my fantasies.

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  1. James Birdsong

    Yeah the episode was awesome.

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