Of all the screencaps I’ve taken, I just had to use this one as the entry cover. They look so freaking hilarious, look at them smirk at each other. XD

Yusei, Jack and Crow have been invited out to a fancy restaurant with Ushio and Mikage, however Yusei and Jack remain suspicious about the reason behind treating them dinner while Crow eats away. They finally learn that Ushio and Mikage have found someone who was washed up on the beach and had lost his memories. They ask Yusei if he and the guys could take him in, but Jack and Yusei immediately declines. On their way out, they spot a man inspecting Jack’s D-Wheel only to learn that was the guy they were to take care of named Bruno. Two seconds later after Jack had left, he returns and kidnaps the guy, bringing him back to their garage where they all learn that Bruno had in fact improved the D-Wheel’s performance and boosted the engine that Yusei himself struggled and haven’t been able to overcome. Yusei amazed by Bruno’s mechanic skills asks him to help him out and stick around. The two upgrade their program and finally complete it – only to wake up the next morning to find it stolen. They decide to hack into the security database after finding evidence (finger print) the culprit had left behind, and learn that the fingerprint actually belongs to Yeager, the vice-director of the security.

😀 YAY! BRUNO FINALLY DEBUTED!!! So this episode was pretty cute. Seeing Yusei and Bruno totally into making an epic engine and discusing about it to the point it exceeds the amount of time Crow has spent talking with Yusei himself (LMAO!). I also loved the part where Jack punched Bruno, and then two seconds later he returns and kidnaps him to get some answers on how he improved his Wheel of Fortune’s performance in such little time.
Hacking into the security database was pretty amusing, and seeing their chibi-selves were soooo cute! Being pretty inexperience as a duelist myself, I’m not quite sure whether the password set up was just plain weak. Though I understood that it required them to really think things through before they acted because of the set up.
It’s definitely interesting to see Yeager being the culprit. Considering he’s working under Yliaster, I think it’s clear his robbery is part of their doing. But it’s strange how Yeager knew that Yusei and Bruno made an extraordinary engine program and the timing is far too perfect to be a coincidence… but then again he could’ve been spying god knows where but… whatever, better off not to overthink it.
So the next episode will involve hunt Yeager down and obtaining the information they need. I always knew Yeager was a shady character, but i’m surprised at his stupidity to have a cup of ramen before he left. Did he think they were too stupid to notice? Lucky for them, Bruno had noticed about the ramen cup, but at the same time I think Jack would have noticed as well since he was pretty pissed off to hear that it was gone.
And finally, last thing I wanted to say: martha, you raised them well (well Yusei and Jack that is, Crow seems to have forgotten the advice because the food was so tasty).


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