Well, it’s a nice clichéd beach episode to kick off Season 2 of BakaTest – slapstick comedy anime at it’s finest.

Story So Far

The prodigal Class A of Fumizuki Academy studies in a grand hall complete with reclining seats and a snack bar, while people like the titular baka of Class F, Yoshii Akihisa, have to make do with wooden boards and straw mats.

The academy’s technology allows classes to battle in ESBs using their chibi selves Shoukanjuu in order to win the facilities of the opposing class. As the power (is OVER 9000) of the Shoukanjuu’s are determined based on test scores, Class F is at a disadvantage.

They nevertheless wish to gain the facilities of Class A and Yoshii-kun sets out on a mission to overthrow them with the help of his friends, including class rep Sakamoto Yuuji, ninja pervert Voyeur, and the ever-in-denial trap, Kinoshita Hideyoshi. While they have so far failed in besting Class A, over the course of S1 they have come close a few times, aided by Himeji Mizuki, a Class A-standard genius who was mistakenly dumped placed into Class F.


Akira takes Akihisa, Yuuji and the rest of the Class F inner circle to the beach, along with Shouko and Aiko. Himeji and Minami become jealous of Akira’s swimsuit, while Hideyoshi is forced to change into a lifeguard top as the staff believe he’s a girl (LOL). Voyeur gets hit on by random faceless girls, and a horrified Akihisa and Yuuji desperately try to hit on girls using various methods, only to get caught by Himeji and Shouko.


Yoshii-kun and Yuuji are prime examples of how NOT to hit on girls xD Their first option of following Voyeur’s lead just led the unsuspecting girl to call the cops, and their second idea of complimenting them worked well at first, until they called the onee-san a porn star and that ended up with both of them sporting swollen faces. Himeji, Minami and Shouko catch on, and Yuuji suffers his punishment out in the middle of the sea. I’ll assume Akihisa’s torture was too graphic even for a slapstick xD 

Hideyoshi and Shouko are both just too awesome. Hideyoshi’s attempt to prove his manliness failed horribly as a trap, with even the beach staff not allowing him on the beach in trunks O_O Seriously, he’s even better at it than Charlotte Dunois as a reverse trap xD Shouko on the other hand keeps an iron grip on Yuuji, and similar to S1, resorts to violence to keep her osananajimi in line.

Akihisa was as thick as usual, not worrying at all when both Minami and Himeji commented that they were being hit on. He then goes and hits on girls himself, REAL smooth. I think he still believes the love letter Himeji was writing all the way back in S1 was for Yuuji -_-

Once again, the art of BakaTest was pretty top-notch, with the black-and-white comedic sketches of Yuuji making a reappearance, as well as the graphic nosebleeds ^^ One thing I was disappointed with was the lack of the ESB plot device – while a beach episode is more or less inevitable, I think they should have done if a bit later in S2, and should have re-established the plot of beating Class A in a summoning war to really get fans interested.

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