While working on the engines the gang for the first time meets Zora’s son Lep, who had left three years ago to train how to fix clocks in order to repair Poppo Clock’s that is to be taken down by the town because it isn’t working, unless fixed. However Leo has no confidence whatsoever and his explanation why he was gone only pissed Zora off. As a coward he is, Leo declares he will leave the town and never come back, but is stopped by Crow who challenges him to a duel in order to actually spit out the truth and gain some confidence.

Although this wasn’t plot progression episode, this was still a cute and at least okay to watch. You can simply skip out on it if you didn’t want to watch a filler, because honestly you’re not going to miss anything but Leo, the character. It was pretty funny to learn that Zora didn’t like Crow because she reminded him of her ‘good-for-nothing‘ son Leo, who returns this episode after training for three years how to fix the broken clock.
The duel between Crow and Leo was , I somehow figured Crow was going to lose on purpose so that Leo would get some confidence and have to make the decision on his own about whether staying and telling the truth, or leaving like a coward. Of course THANKFULLY, Leo decides to step it up and spit out the truth that he really was training hard for the past three years and is determined to fix the clock – and this time, he succeeds.
As you can imagined (since I’m an Aki x Yusei shipper),  I giggled like crazy during this scene since Yusei just yanks Leo right out of Aki’s face and like, “BACK OFF, SHE’S MINE.” Yes, I made a gif of it, I couldn’t help myself.



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