Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 2: Baka to Crossdressing

Is it just me, or does Hideyoshi look more or less exactly the same even as a girl…


After their near-death experience from attempting to hit on girls, Akihisa and Yuuji wake up only to realise that the group are heading to a festival. After being force-fed random foods, the boys are forced to cross-dress and enter a Miss Yukata contest even though it’s totally unfair if Hideyoshi enters as further punishment for what happened on the beach. The contest is cancelled after Shouko tasers the stage, and the next day the group heads back home.


Pretty much another filler episode from BakaTest this week – there was a transition from beach to festival, and while I would really have preferred the start of an ESB-related plotline, at least there wasn’t too much of a timeskip.

With this being the first of my posts that have nothing wrong with any of the screencaps whatsoever (YES, finally) you can really notice how the clash between the art style and the real-life food or scenery stands out, adding to the further appeal of the comedy. The faceless random members of the public also make a reappearance, similar to the style used by Mawaru Penguindrum. The whole underworld ghost gag was pretty hilarious as well, if only to state the kind of lengths slapstick can go to.

Now the main focus of this week’s episode was certainly the Miss Yukata contest. It turns out Minami, Himeji and Shouko weren’t quite so satisfied with the near-death punishment they gave Akihisa and Yuuji, and they were forced to crossdress in front of hundreds of male fans on a stage. The ever so supportive Voyeur and Hideyoshi join in as well for the fun of it though Hideyoshi didn’t seem to have any difference other than the yukata and a flower in his hair. His Elizabethan dialect was laid out in a comedic stance, however I do think she is definitely more normal and level-headed than the rest of them, all of which are at least slightly if not completely insane.

While Voyeur and to an extent, Yoshii-kun were bearable to look at, Yuuji was bordering the Yukiatsu level of disturbance – I hope the sponsoring old man never finds out the truth. Ever. Shouko didn’t seem to dislike it even though it lacked sex appeal and her Chidori taser somehow managed to blow up the stage, cancelling the contest. As the Miss Yukata contest did only ever showcase crossdressing boys, every single male in that audience shall now question their sexuality (maybe it was a good thing that Hideyoshi didn’t show up).

It wasn’t such a bad episode overall, though there was a noticeable lack of the slapstick that makes up some of the humour, as well as not enough Hideyoshi. The preview does hint at a new character being introduced, though I could be totally wrong. Hopefully next week, some sort of plot gets restablished that centers around the Shoukanjuu system.

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