Yusei defeats Kiryu in the duel however the plan backfires as Barbara betrays him by shooting him with a shockgun and sends him up to the mountain as well. Yusei tries to find a way out and and get Kiryu to join him, however much to his dismay Kiryu refuses to do so.

The duel didn’t last very long, but the wrap up of it was a bit more enjoyable compared to the last episode, but I have to admit – it was disappointing in a sense I was hoping it would drag on longer. I understand that Kiryu isn’t really himself at the moment since he’s so caught up in depression about his crimes, he can’t enjoy the duel like he usually does. However despite that I found that Kiryu was able to enjoy the duel just a little bit more than he wanted to when he knew that Yusei was very serious about saving him.
The betrayal didn’t surprise me as much as it should’ve. It was probably considering how fast the duel itself was done and over with, and if they had succeeded escaping right then and there – well that would’ve be boring now wouldn’t it? I absolutely LOVED the fact that Barbara used the efficient weapon to take Yusei down, by using a shock gun. That’s one of the main things I love about this show, there’s a little bit of a reality check it when it comes down to the most efficient way to take people down – that’s using weapons, not always the outcome of a duel (although I’m not saying that’s a good thing, it’s just how it is in the real world unfortunately). The bitch reveals that Yusei was simply used to defeat Kiryu, on top of that Yusei gets bitchslapped (he gets that alot now doesn’t he?) before just shoved into a coffin and taken up to the mountain. Kiryu isn’t given much of a break either. He has been targeted as the victim getting whipped frequently instead of Yusei who despite standing there doing nothing at times isn’t getting hit or shocked.
So with that said, both Kiryu and Yusei gets taken to the mountain along with Kiryu’s gang leader, Ramon who was taken down by Marco’s little brother in a single turn without even having the chance to set up any defense whatsoever. Lotten played dirty, I don’t like how he took him down therefore I don’t like the guy.
Back to Yusei. Since the guy has brains, he took the opportunity to grab a loose nail to use it to remove the shocking collars that plays a role in killing people if activated too often. He also doesn’t waste anytime and searches for whatever escape route there may be, despite not knowing if it may end up as a dead end or not. However Kiryu is being very stubborn and keeps on telling Yusei to escape on his own. Of course it’s no surprise that Yusei points out that he WILL bring him back home be it dead or alive.
In the mean time the boy whom we saw talking with Kiryu and his sister take a huge risk and try sneaking out of the town while everyone is drunk from partying with Yusei’s D-Wheel. However Lotten has noticed it missing so it won’t be long before he tracks them down. It’s a matter of how the kids are going to find Yusei and Kiryu without getting caught. He also mentions that he considers killing Yusei and Kiryu since they seems (and most definitely are) troublesome prisoners who would probably find a way to escape.


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