Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Episode 2: Seven Times Lucky


A flashback is shown in which the details of Taito’s “curse” is revealed, and it turns out that Gekkou was involved in his memory loss. Following the flashback, Taito and Himea fight Gekkou, however they prove to be no match for him, especially after ecchi girl Andou Mirai shows up to help. The fight is interrupted by the arrival of Hinata, who is declared to be Gekkou’s twin brother. Using his falcon punching skillz the forbidden power that Himea gave him, Taito defeats Hinata and Gekkou finishes him off. The next day, Himea arrives to Taito’s school as a transfer student.


Well, I’d say starting off with a flashback like that really did clear up some issues. From the end of last week’s episode, it’s now confirmed that Taito had met Gekkou in the past, and had been subjected to a memory wipe of some sort. Gekkou also manages to deduce that the power Himea injected Taito with was pretty close to immortality – the only way to have him stay dead is to kill him seven times within 15 minutes. Wow, talk about an over-hyped protagonist. Oh well, its a shounen series after all. Gekkou is seen to be able to easily hold his own against Taito, and Andou Mirai’s Railgun electric powers didn’t make it any easier for him.

What I did find a bit weird was how Gekkou turned from a complete antagonist to a rival of sorts. They were freaking fighting with complete killing intent, then after Hinata (yup, he’s the evil-looking guy on top of that GIANT SPIDER) shows up, Gekkou “stops being such an ass” and teams up with Taito under the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ premise. Whatever works for them I guess xD As he was originally after Himea as well, he may have some ulterior motive not revealed to us at present ^^ Also, he does have resemblances to a certain red-eyed clan prodigy from a certain Shounen Jump manga, that just happens to want to kill his brother xD

Kurenai Hinata. I really do doubt he’s dead – he probably retreated and is planning a next move. Being Gekkou’s twin brother, he has the intellect enough to also deduce Taito’s seven lives power, and is fully willing to exploit it. Other than that he’s crazy strong and still looks badass with glasses on not much is known about his motives at all.

The Rasengan Falcon Punch thing forbidden power that Himea gave Taito certainly helped a lot against Hinata. But, do not fear everyone! This will definitely not make Taito an overpowered protagonist because it’s unlikely to ever work again on that level of success because its a shounen anime nods But seriously, it really won’t, unless it receives some kind of upgrade in the future.

Himea now also goes to Taito’s school. Wow, I totally did NOT get that coming at all (note the sarcasm). Well, she will probably be the main romantic interest, though that dramatic entrance probably got the interest of Taito’s other fangirls.

Okay, I’ve literally just Googled the title of this anime, and it’s translated as “A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives”. While it certainly fits the premise and some of the themes shown so far, to me it hints at something much darker hidden beneath the oh-so-normal front that was the start of the first episode. It’s still definitely one of the more appealing anime this season – let’s see what next week has to offer.

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  1. This anime is going such a fast paced compared to the manga. That is such a weird name to have for an anime o.o It sounds so much cooler untranslated 😀

    1. It sounds like a Gosick episode title. If it ever gets licensed for an english dub, it would sound really weird. I think this had a PV with an english narration actually…

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