Dantalian no Shoka episode 1: [First Impression]

Books are the medium to new worlds, this show illustrate this feeling perfectly.

This show is unique in the way it is presented that is sure. There is so much stuff that I never saw before in an anime in this show. It has this mysterious ambiance to it, but at the same time reality feels so distant while you are watching. You know that you are supposed to be in a reality based world that suddenly gets corrupted by phantom books. But Everything felt so unreal that it was difficult to consider that everything going on around you was supposed to be an intrusion to the real world.


Trouble ahead

I must say that I am quite confused after watching this first episode, everything was quite straight forward, there was no real “mystery” going on, no deductive work or anything like that. The aura simply felt fairy tell-ish.


I’m not sure how I feel about this show to be honest. While the uniqueness is interesting, the story seems like it could get repetitive really quickly. Obviously in this episode everything was new and fresh, but I have no idea where the story will be heading from now. Will it just be a series of fight against book? That sounds boring, there must be something somewhere to make us want to keep watching this. I will need more than a single episode to figure out how good or bad this show really is.



I am a big sucker when it comes down to show involving Earls who uses snobbish expression. I just love monarchy and people who can express themselves properly. There is so much of that in this show that I sure am pleased on that level.


Action is present, will fun comes to the party too?

Now I don’t know what to think of the characters as of yet, I feel like there was not enough shown of them to really know much about them. The Huey looks like a bad ass of some kind and Dalian seems like a little princess-demon that knows a lot but is very childish in character. I’m not sure if I want to see yet another wise but childish character just yet, I feel like it is the only kind of girl around lately.


Therefore I conclude that I will need one or two more episode to see if this show is fun to watch and bloggable, for now let’s just say a small maybe. It looks unique, but not fun.


Possibility of Watching: Maybe

Possiblity of Blogging: Maaaaybe


ZeroG signing off

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