Mayo Chiki episode 2: Sister, I am homosex


Jirou has is first date with Subaru and Suzutsuki has fun making sure the date stays really interesting.




Baaaww. This is so cute and awesome. The show is simple  and fun to watch.


Seems worse than having her naked to me

I love how this went from Subaru risking her identity to be known by everyone to: Jirou is now gay.


Worst of all, even if now everyone is grossed out and make it feels weird that Jirou is gay, it doesn’t seem to bother anyone that Subaru is gay. For some reason even if Subaru is more popular and loved by everyone, no one feels too depressed that he is going out with a gay. But for Jirou the loser, it is seen as weird and strange that he is gay.


I don't see any reference to any extremist racial supremacist here

In the Physical check it was simply hilarious how Subaru and Jirou were protecting each other. It was so cute and so funny at the same time, simply perfect. But I think people looked even more shocked at the way they acted than if it was revealed that Subaru is a girl. I mean, how suspicious is it when you believe two people might be lover and they then proceed to hug and touch each other in public. This must have been so awkward. It makes it seems even worse when your nose bleed every time you touch the other person, you look like some kind of perverted exhibitionist.


At the point where Subaru was asked to change into her girly self it was really fun to see her direct and absolute she was towards order. She was ready to undress in front of everyone in the middle of the street, that is dedication right there. But when she was finally in girl outfit she looked like a completely different person, first of all she looked naïve instead of her usual strict and serious nature and she looked so shy and timid.


Smaller than three

To be honest, I prefer Subaru in her man state, she seems more confident and more awesome overall. In her girly state she looks so clueless and boring, it is not as fun to watch. I like crazy people, they are unpredictable and unpredictable always means fun.


What I found special and weird was how Subaru, after receiving the order to “baww” by Jirou, decided to take revenge. Usually you see her taking order (and weird and fuck up one at that) all the time without ever complaining, so I really wonder why she got so upset after taking an order from him. Is it love? but I would have imagine that even love would not obscure her judgement and the way she takes orders. I really want to see if she will end up falling for Jirou completely. It is such a cute love story after all.



I love this show, the characters are all perfect and fun to watch, they are all crazier from one to the other. I wish I could life in such a crazy world some times, but in the end it might just make me crazy too in the long run.


ZeroG signing off


5 thoughts on “Mayo Chiki episode 2: Sister, I am homosex

  1. And Kureha isn’t exactly straight either xD Well, all I can say is that it’s a great show, but Jirou totally wasted that ticket~

    1. Well now the brother thinks her sister is lesbian and his sister thinks that her brother is gay and both have a crush on the same person. I think that will makes things interesting.

      Also that ticket was indeed wasted, but I fear what I would do in his situation.

  2. I have to laugh that out of all the screen caps you could’ve taken, you chose the fantasy ones. XD Then again, I am not surprised.
    The episode was SUPERRRR cute, I loved it and a giggle fit like crazy.

    1. The fantasy one where the best one, while it is not representative of what was going on as a whole, If I were to chose one picture to stare at for hours, it would be one of those

  3. Best show of the season XD awesome screen caps you got 😀
    I love the ecchiness they got in this show, its not too much and its not too little.
    This show just keeps getting better and better XD

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