Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! Episode 3: A Day in the Life of…

Spot the Difference


Yuuko is unable to sing when asked to perform, therefore she switches places with Hideyoshi for a day, both of them dressing like the other (not that there’s much difference). Hideyoshi keeps messing up however, ruining her image completely. The second half of the episode has Himeji stalking Yoshii-kun as he helps an imouto buy an item she wants for her sister – who is in fact Minami.


Yup, staying up to catch the ridiculously late subbing of this episode definitely paid off. And why would that be? School! Unlike other series, where the school element becomes clichéd, BakaTest gets a lot of potential with comedy and storyline with a school setting. Admittedly, there wasn’t any plot introduced this week, but it was still amusing all the same. And better than the festival.

The episode split itself into two chunks, with the first being Yuuko and Hideyoshi both crossdressing, pretending to be the other, as Yuuko can’t sing to save her life, needing Hideyoshi to do it for her. After run-ins with various Class A people though, Yuuko is branded a whore, shotacon and lesbian, all in the same day. Well, she’s weird enough as it is, being into BL doujinshi and all that crap.

At the end of the day, the twins sit at home, looking so similar it’s kinda creepy. Sipping tea at the same time really doesn’t help. Yuuko is like…the successful version of Hideyoshi in short, with even Akihisa (who’s supposed to be an idiot) realizing that. As much as Hideyoshi is awesome, I can look at Yuuko and not feel gay, so no complaints there xD Anyway, a Kinoshita-centric episode will always be entertaining for me, and was a laugh the whole way through.

The second half had Yoshii-kun display how kind he really was, through a flashback (honestly, WHY do they like flashbacks so much) of him helping a little girl buy a plush for her onee-chan. It turns out that the onee-chan was Minami, who had recently moved from Germany, if I remember right, to Japan. Both the imouto and Minami have feelings for Akihisa, which is a bit strange yet common in so many situations. Himeji stalked Akihisa the whole way through, smiling at his kindness in the end as he sold all his games and manga. Amidst all that stupidity, he’s a good guy. Most of the time.

Shoukanjuu’s made a debut for the first time this season, and it was refreshing to see them even though it was only for a short bit. Hopefully it points that the spell of filler is ending. I think the comedy went up a step this week, I laughed so much more than the festival ep (I know, I’m bashing last week’s episode). As funny as last week was, there’s only so much you can do with a festival. They resorted to crossdressing again on a smaller scale, though it was Yuuko so there was no visible difference. BakaTest’s blatant obviousness and ironic situations only make you laugh even more, and I was no exception.


"...You need to trust me mor-" "Hey Akihisa, you dropped your PSP!"
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