Kamisama No Memo-Chou episode 3: Narumi acquires some balls


Narumi feels bad for what he said and he wants to make up for the wrong he did. This is what he needed to finally become a man.



It seems this show might become a bit more interesting than I previously believed. I was afraid that the story would go in circle with Narumi being a complete loser and a coward for the rest of its life. Turn out things suddenly turned for  the best.  I was afraid that every side characters would become way more interesting than the main character. After all they all have extraordinary personality, Alice in particular. But now with this episode my fears have vanished.

Not only is Narumi becoming quite courageous compared to the wimp he used to be, he is also becoming the kind of character I love…a conman. If he really slowly evolves to become such a mastermind, I think I will have to clean the mess in my shorts each episode.


You are now a man boy

It was fun to see Narumi change from a useless schoolboy in the first episode, to a cowardly and loser schoolboy in the second and to finally see him reach awesomeness status this episode. Things sure are moving quickly in the anime and I doubt I will get tired of the story anytime soon. There are many characters to explore each with their incredible personality and from the looks of things, the show won’t hesitate to get dark and really sad. This is why I believe it is not a mistake to keep watching it.


It was quite funny to see everyone fighting at the end and to see Narumi who wanted to make some change in the fight, but in the end he couldn’t hit anyone and only got hit by opponents and friends. He is such a dead weight in any fights. He couldn’t protect a little Thai girl when she was in need, nor could he even defend himself.


Can't be good for the teeth

One more point, I have no trouble believing that Alice would be unable to hack into a banking system. She uses a fucking mac as her main computer, of course she can’t hack shit that requires a minimum of knowledge and skill. I have no clue how you can possibly hack the simplest information using such a horrible Operating System. I sure hope that her main computer is but a decoy and that in fact all the other machine are running on linux. I hope this mac is just a big prank the director played on us. I really really hope so.


Friendly Fire was on



The show is going in a better direction than I was first expecting. I was afraid of poor character development and a boring main character with repetitive episodes. I’m glad I was wrong. Now if only Alice could get rid of her horrible OS and start acting like a real hacker, this show would be awesome.


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    1. Indeed she was, but I didn’t mind, I’ve seen enough Victorique lately, it is fun to see a different kind of character once in a while

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